Melody (Rune Factory Frontier Version

Melody is originally from the game Rune Factory 1, but makes a return in Rune Factory Frontier. You unlock Melody when you go to Whale Island and venture through its caves to the second section on the right; you'll run into her, and when she sees you, she will tell you that she feels there is a hot spring in the area and will give you a hammer and ask you to find it by breaking down the wall. After you do this, Melody will move in and open a bath house to the right of the general stores. The bath house opens every day at 3:00 pm and it costs 10 gold to take a bath. You can find her before 3:00 usually upstairs in her room.

Constellation event: Autumn, hat constellation, 8:00-8:50 pm

Birthday: Spring 11

Favorite gift: Relax Tea

Other good gifts: Red grass, yellow grass, orange grass, Charm Blue, Medicinal Herb, Black Grass

Hated gift: Mayonaisse

At some point during the game, Melody will tell you that she is having a problem with her bath house and asks you to go visit its source, the hot spring on whale island. When you do, you will find a huge red-ish colored monster blocking the canal where the water from the spring pours through. Speak to him, and he'll say that if you give him ice cream he will move. To make ice cream, get a milk and an egg from the bar after 6:00 pm and use your kitchen to turn it into ice cream. The give it to the monster and he will gladly move out of the way for you.

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