A head-shot of Melody.

This odd little witch seems to be always happy about something or another. She manages the Hot Springs you can visit to recharge your Rune Points once a day after 3:00 pm. Melody lives on the 2nd floor of the spa. She spends most of her time managing the Hot Springs and rarely leaves the building except for Wednesdays between 9am and 3pm when you'll find her by the shell at the beach appreciating the ocean, and Fridays between 9am and 3pm when you'll find her hanging out with her friend Sharron in front of Kasimir Ruins.

Birthday - 11th of Spring
Wife Gift - Curry Noodles

Favorite Gift - Relax Tea
Liked Gifts - Wild Grasses
Disliked Gifts - N/A

Raising Love Points - Sadly, Melody isn't very impressed when you give her a gift, so it will not raise her LP much. She does, however, enjoy when people take baths. Because of that, you will have to take a bath in the Hot Spring daily, which costs 10G each time. You can also invite her out on a date on Moonlit Eve or spend some time with her on Sacred Night, but talking to her on Spring Festival won't have any LP affect.

Special Marriage Requirements - You don't have to hunt down any items or make your way through a specific cave. You just have to follow a conversation chain and collect the basic marriage requirements.

Step One - On Fridays between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Melody will be out by the Kasimir Ruins with Sharron. Talk to them both to hear some back story.

Step Two - Sharron heads off to the Inn after 9:00 pm every day, so go pay her a visit. You'll get to hear some more. You will need to raise LadyAnn's FP up to at least 3, and then talk to her again to gain permission to visit her Inn after 9pm.

Step Three - Before 3:00 pm, go to the Hot Springs and talk to Melody when she's upstairs in her room. Just like with LadyAnn, Melody will need to have 3 FP or more and have granted your access to her hot springs before opening hours.

Step Four - At this point you've completed the steps necessary to marry Melody. When you're ready talk to her again to propose.

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