Max's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Max wants you to deliver Spinach to Jake. Like you were told, give it to Jake. He thanks you, and mentions that the Spinach will double his stamina. He then rudely sends you off. Return to Max, and he will reward you with 4000G.

[edit] Second Quest

Max requests an Arrowhead. Both he and Barrett wants Arrowheads, but Max's reward is bigger. Arrowheads are War Trophies of Orc Archers. He'll reward you with 6000G.

[edit] Second Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Max wants you to test some steel he constructed. To test it, hit it with your sword by tapping the screen. He'll evaluate it's strength by the damage you deal to it. After that, tap the screen as many times as you can. The strength of said steel is 12. He's not pleased with the results, and calls his prototype "a failure". He thanks you for helping him collect data, and rewards you with 15000G.

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