Marriage and Children

As always with the Rune Factory series, you have the chance to marry one of the potential bachelorettes and have a child. Rune Factory Frontier has a wide variety of bachelorettes. (13 Options) Some are new and some are returning bachelorettes from Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Either way, who you marry is up to you. There’s a different girl personality for everyone. But don't make the wrong choice, because divorce is not an option.

Once married, you can have a child and lucky for you in Rune Factory Frontier you have the option of having a male or female child. (More to come)


[edit] New Bachelorettes

[edit] Anette


- A small girl with a big mailbag, she delivers letters every morning. She often gets pestered by monsters while on her daily route. Anette runs around the entire town delivering mail to every person including Raguna. She can sometimes be seen talking to Erik when delivering his mail.
- First Meeting: You will first meet Anette on the second day of staying in Trampoli. Annette will knock on your door and when you answer it a cutscene will occur.
- Residence: She will move in with Mist once she has reached 7LP (Before that, she does not live in Trampoli)
- Birthday: Winter 4th
- Favorite Gift: Pumpkin Tart
- Likes: Milk, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Chocolate Pudding, Cherry, Orange
- Dislikes: Eggplant
- Other: Every time you read a letter, Annette’s LP will increase by a bit

[edit] Cinnamon


- A scholarly girl of few words, she is rumored to have been a child prodigy of magic, but now appears apathetic and emotionless about everything. Cinnamon is also a big fan of consellations and fishing and will actually give you the fishing rod. She will also warn you of upcoming Constellation Events.
- First Meeting: To first meet Cinnamon you must enter the clock tower when it opens on the 7th of Spring. When it opens talk to Kanno daily until he tells you that he wants his granddaughters to move in so they can make him food. Leave the clock tower and a cutscene will occur.
- Residence: Clock Tower
- Birthday: Spring 26th
- Favorite Gift: Magic Crystal
- Likes: Fish
- Dislikes: Cucumber
- Other: To marry Rosetta, it is required that you get Cinnamon‘s LP to at least 4

[edit] Selphy


- A true book lover who literally lives in the library. She often forgets to eat or sleep and almost never goes outdoors. What she says though hints to the fact that she is actually a runaway princess.
- First Meeting: One day when exiting your house, you will find Selphy out cold on your doorstep. After spending the rest of the day at the clinic, she will then go to the Library where you can find her the next day and see her opening cut scene upon entering the Library
- Residence: Rune Archives
- Birthday: Fall 3rd
- Favorite Gift: Sandwich
- Likes: Rice Balls, Baked Rice Ball
- Dislikes: Gemstones
- Other: She is a princess from an unknown land. Recommended that you be at least level 50 if you plan to marry her. Also, reading the books in the Library will raise her LP

[edit] Iris Blanc and Noir

Iris Black and White

- They have the power to communicate with the Spirits through song. No one knows why they look the same, and have the same powers. Later facts reveal that they were once one single person, but magic caused the single person to split into two separate people.
- First Meeting:(White) Plant and grow Moondrop Flowers in front of her house at Whale Island - Fin. Once the flowers are grown, return to the plot of land to see White Iris’s cut scene
- First Meeting:(Black) Snow Ruins B3F
- Residence:(White) Whale Island - Tower of Rest
- Residence:(Black)
- Birthday: Winter 23
- Favorite Gift: Tomato Juice
- Likes: Any Flower
- Dislikes: Garlic
- Other: Virtually the same people, only with a different appearance

[edit] Uzuki


- A girl from a warrior family. She practices every morning with a Naginata but can never unleash her true skill because she gets scared too easily. She comes from a foreign lands and loves to learn about new cultures. She finds much of Trampoli’s culture to be odd, but interesting.
- First Meeting: On day when enterting the Inn’s front door, you will unlock a cut scene with Uzuki. She will ask you to follow her and help her. (Believed that this request cannot be done) She will reappear on the next sunny day
- Residence: Sunny Inn
- Birthday: Summer 15th
- Favorite Gift: Golden Hairpin
- Likes: Sashimi, Fish
- Dislikes: Vegetables
- Other: Will request that you help her find her missing brother. This is a side quest and though you never meet him, you will deliver letters from him to Uzuki

[edit] Eunice


- A nice girl who loves to cook and clean. She has a cheerful personality and is very amicable. She often does not think very high of herself due to her weight. (As revealed by her bath house scene)
- First Meeting: Enter the Sunny Inn for the first time to see a cut scene that introduces Eunice
- Residence: Sunny Inn
- Birthday: Fall 17th
- Favorite Gift: Mont Blanc
- Likes: Cake, Flowers, Cake, Cheesecake, Emery Flower
- Dislikes: Fish
- Other: Upon reaching so many LP points, she will ask you if you like skinny girls. Say yes and she will go on a diet, say no and she will remain the same

[edit] Returning Bachelorettes

[edit] Mist (Rune Factory Frontier Version)


- Raguna's next door neighbor and his reason for coming to Trampoli. She is very kind at heart but can be a bit strange. She also has an unusual obsession with turnips.

- First Meeting: Mist will be available from the start of the game - Residence: Road to the Beach (Mist‘s House)
- Birthday: Fall 1st
- Favorite Gift: Emery Flower
- Likes: Turnips, Steam Bun, Cake, Baked Apple
- Dislikes: Pickled Turnips
- Other: Lives in the same house that Stella used to live in. (Relevance to be revealed)

[edit] Rosetta (Rune Factory Frontier Version)


- The assertive daughter of a general store owner. She and Mist are childhood friends, but secretly regards Mist as a rival. She is very competitive and even forces Danny out of business.
- First Meeting: Rosetta can be met on the first day of the game at 5:00 PM when she comes to pick up your shipment
- Residence: Mist's House, Materia Grocery
- Birthday: Fall 21st
- Favorite Gift: Cherry Pie
- Likes: Strawberry, Hot Milk, Baked Yam
- Dislikes: Milk
- Other: It is recommended that you train your pharmacy skill to at least level 50 if you wish to marry Rosetta.

[edit] Lara (Rune Factory Frontier Version)


- A nurse and sister-in-training at St. Poli Church. She is very kind and gentle, but allows no nonsense when it comes to your health. She also runs the clinic shop which sells medicine and herbs.
- First Meeting: A few days after arriving in Trampoli, you will exit your house and pass out. Lara will come by and find you. She will then take you to the clinic at St. Poli Church. From here you will see her cut scene
- Residence: St. Poli Church
- Birthday: Winter 1st
- Favorite Gift: Chocolate Cake
- Likes: Strawberry, French Toast, Hot Cake, Jams
- Dislikes: Veggie Juice
- Other: To marry Rosetta, it s required that you get Lara’s LP to at least 4

[edit] Melody (Rune Factory Frontier Version


-A girl who has travelled the world in search of the perfect hot spring. She decides to settle in Trampoli when she finds one on Whale Island. She wishes to learn magic and become a great wizard.
- First Meeting: When exploring Whale Islands Caves, you will come across Melody. She will request that you help her destroy a rock. Once destroyed, you will see her cut scene
- Residence: Laga Springs Bath House
- Birthday: Spring 11th
- Favorite Gift: Relax Tea
- Likes: Red, Yellow or Orange Colored Grasses, Charm Blue Flower
- Dislikes: Mayonnaise
- Other: She really does not like it when you try to enter the female side of the bath house. It is also required that you have a high FP level with Melody to complete a side quest for Stella

[edit] Bianca (Rune Factory Frontier Version


- The daughter of an affluent family. Indifferent to her surroundings, her maid, Tabatha, is her only friend in the world. She may seem mean and rude on the outside, but she is a good person.
- First Meeting: Arrives during the first Summer. You may see her house on the 1st of Summer but you may not enter and meet Bianca until the 2nd of Summer.
- Residence: Viviage Mansion
- Birthday: Summer 8th
- Favorite Gift: -
- Likes: -
- Dislikes: Rice Balls
- Other: Bianca will leave and only return during the Summer unless you complete the required event

[edit] Tabatha (Rune Factory Frontier Version)


- Tabatha is an elf from the distant Land of Elves. For some reason, she serves Bianca in the seemingly thankless task as her maid. She does not fear monsters and in fact, loves them quiet dearly.
- First Meeting: Arrives during the first Summer. You may see the house she lives in on the 1st of Summer but you may not enter and meet Tabatha until the 2nd of Summer
- Residence: Viviage Mansion
- Birthday: Fall 12th
- Favorite Gift: Milk Gruel
- Likes: Flour, Apple
- Dislikes: Sashimi
- Other: Taming monsters will raise Tabatha’s LP

[edit] Children

Daughter and Son

No matter who you marry, the child will always look the same because it takes after you. In Rune Factory Frontier you have the option of choosing whether you want a boy or a girl, or to leave it up to fate. Your wife will become pregnant 30-35 days after your wedding. The child will be born 60 days (2 seasons) after he/she is conceived.

Note: You MUST have bought the children's bed from Lute in order for your wife to get pregnant. The children's bed costs 20,000 gold and can be purchased on some, but not all, holidays.

The child will go through 3 stages (crawling, walking, full grown) and while it doesn't have any particular likes or dislikes, you can buy a book from Selphy that allows you to make toys for them. When the child is full grown as a kid, it will follow you around while you're in the village. It will not grow any older past the stage of a 7-8 year old kid.

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