Harvest Moon: Tree of Traquility Marriage Guide

This page is a Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Marriage Guide.


[edit] Background

Getting married is an important part of any Harvest Moon game! It's through marriage that you will eventually be able to have a son or daughter and perhaps pass down your farm to them, and every generation after you.

[edit] Marriage Canidates

[edit] Bachelorettes

[edit] Bachelors

[edit] Requirements

As in all or most Harvest Moon games, getting married has some important requirements. In this particular game, the Requirements are:

  • Get your potential spouse up to 8 hearts of affection
  • Experience all the heart events
    • Done at 2, 4, 5, and 6 hearts
  • Trigger the Bluebird Event to unlock the Blue Feather

[edit] The Blue Feather

Anyone who has played a Harvest Moon game will know that the key to marriage is obtaining that feather! All games have a different way of presenting them to you.

In ToT, you will need to get your potential spouse to 8 hearts. Once that is accomplished, Hamilton will visit you and tell you the story of the Bluebird. Days later, the bird should fly by your house. Trigger another cutscene by going to Caramel Falls and nab the feather!

[edit] The Big Bed

Harvest Moon veterans should be happy to know that the Big/Large/Double bed is not required to get married!

[edit] Heart Events

Heart events are important if you want to get married. Basically, heart events get triggered by getting someone to like you and raising their hearts for you. All of these events must be unlocked in order for you to get married.

Two Hearts: Your potential spouse will arrive at your house to give you a present.
Four Hearts: If you talk to your potential spouse before 10 am, they will ask you to lunch.
Five Hearts: Your potential spouse will again come to give you a present.
Five Hearts: Your potential spouse will ask you for a favor, or to run an errand.
Six Hearts: Your potential spouse will announce their love for you!

[edit] Rival Heart Events

Watch out! Your potential spouse is... with another person!? How dare they!

Nope - this is totally natural! Hey, they can have lives too, right?

Potential spouses can also have rivals. If you're not careful, you'll unlock their cutscenes and your spouse of choice can be snatched away before your very eyes! Here's how to avoid it: Do not make friends with the counterpart to your love. Ex: If you want to marry Candace, do not become friends with Julius. When the rival is at two hearts, a cute cutscene will happen, but when the rival is at three hearts, they will propose to him/her and they WILL get married. You cannot stop the wedding once you witness the proposal, so be veeery careful :3

The pairs are as follows:

Calvin + Phoebe = Heath
Jin + Anissa = Van
Julius + Candace = Angie
Toby + Renee = Matt
Chase + Maya = Dakota

[edit] But there's hope!

There are a few couples who will never get married, who will always be available to be your spouse. Owen, Luke, Gill, Luna, Kathy, and Selena fall into that category. Also, it is possible to marry a person on harvest moon that does have a rival. You just have to be more careful.

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