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In Magical Melody, it's not mandatory to get married. However, if you want every single note, you'll have to! There are ten bachelors/bachelorettes that you can choose from when looking to be married, each with their own personality and set of likes/dislikes.


[edit] How?

To get married, you must meet a set of requirements. After the requirements are completed, you should unlock a cutscene the next day with the mayor in which you will receive the Blue Feather. Once the feather is received, give it to your sweetheart!

[edit] Requirements

  • Get a bachelor/bachelorette to at least 8 hearts
  • Get a level 3 house
  • Get a double bed (Large Bed)
  • Get the Blue Feather
  • 30 Musical Notes

It is believed by many that you need to set the Harvest Goddess free before you get married. This is not true! Many people have gotten married without freeing the Harvest Goddess!

[edit] Getting Your Sweetheart

Each of the bachelors/bachelorettes has things that they like, dislike, and love. If you give them something that they dislike, their love for you will go down. If you give them something that they like, they will get green tick marks over their head and be happy, and their love will go up a little. If you give them something that they love, hearts will appear over their head and they will be extremely happy - their love goes up a lot.

To get your sweetheart, give them something every day that they like or love. Talk to them every day, and if they have a store, buy something from it!

[edit] Benefits

Marriage doesn't come with any solid benefits. Your spouse does not help you with farm work, and they will never live in anything except your first house, meaning if you decide to live in one of your other homes, they will not follow. However, your spouse is included in a bunch of musical notes!

Each of the bachelors/bachelorettes has a musical note hidden in the presents they give you. When you get them to three hearts, you will unlock a musical note, one per person. So if you're going after someone, you're also unlocking a musical note! However, even if you are married, you will still be able to get the notes from the other people by getting them up to three hearts.

Also, you will need to be married in order to get the note that you get from having a baby.

[edit] The Rivals

Each of the potential spouses has a rival - someone else in the village! The bachelors and bachelorettes are paired together into rivals, wooing each other in heart scenes that you may witness. If you get a rival to 5 hearts, you could unlock a heart scene with their match! However, if you've already gotten their pair to 5 hearts, you will not unlock the heart scenes. For instance, if I were playing as a boy and I get Bob to 5 hearts, I could see his heart scenes with Gwen. However, if I already have Gwen to 5 hearts, I will not see the scene! The matches are as follows:

Alex and Gina
Where: Clinic

Basil and Nina
Where: Shed in back of Spring Farm

Blue and Ann
Where: Junk Shop

Bob and Gwen
Where: Perch Inn

Carl and Ellen
Where: Callaway Cafe

Dan and Eve
Where: Paradise Orchard

Joe and Katie
Where: Callaway Cafe

Kurt and Dia
Where: Sanatorium

Louis and Lyla
Where: Hearty Lyla

Ray and Maria
Where: Flower Bud Library

[edit] The Bachelors

This is a complete list of the bachelors, based on where you will meet them, where they live, what they like and dislike, when their birthday is, and which presents they give you.

Meet: When you visit the Clinic
Residence: Clinic
Birthday: Spring 30
Loves: Turnip (Top Quality), Veggie Juice, Grilled Snapper, Herb Tea
Likes: Herbs, Milk, Pontana Root, Turnip
Dislikes: Can, Boot
Present #1: Purple Herb
Present #2: Potion

Meet: Ship 10 points in Flowers and then he shows up. (1 pt. for Moondrop Flowers/Green Herbs, 2 pts. for Orange Herbs/Red Herbs, 3 pts for Pinkcat Flower/Purple Herbs, 5 pts. for Blue Mist Flowers)
Residence: --
Birthday: Spring 16
Loves: Strawberry (Top Quality), Pumpkin (Top Quality), Herb Tea, Pontana Root
Likes: Strawberry (Normal/Low), Blueberry, Green Herb, Copper Ore, Limestone, Very Berry Jam
Dislikes: Mayonnaise, Junk Ore
Present #1: Limestone
Present #2: Orange Balm, with formula

Meet: When you visit the Blue Sky Ranch
Residence: Blue Sky Ranch
Birthday: Winter 20
Loves: Potato (Top Quality), Special Milk/Butter/Cheese, Yogurt, (Not in guide, but he loves eggplant)
Likes: Potato (Normal/Low Quality), Eggplant, Milk, Sunny-Side Up, Popcorn
Dislikes: Honey, Caramelized Amago/Smelt/C. Carp/S. Carp, Cakes
Present #1: Good Milk
Present #2: Sapphire Broach

Meet: The morning of the second full day
Residence: Blacksmith
Birthday: Summer 1
Loves: Spinach (Top Quality), Shiny Wool, Silver Ore
Likes: Cabbage (Normal/Low Quality), Spinach, Gold Ore, Egg
Dislikes: Eggplant, Stone
Present #1: Good Egg
Present #2: Topaz Broach

Meet: Visits one morning before the first Egg Festival
Residence: Callaway Café (briefly Moonlight Café)
Birthday: Fall 16
Loves: Yam (Top/Normal Quality), Apple, Special Egg/Milk/Butter
Likes: Strawberry, Pumpkin, Orange, Herbs, Blueberry
Dislikes: Can, Boot, Junk Ore
Present #1: Pudding
Present #2: Chestnut Pie

Meet: At Spring Horse Race
Residence: Paradise Orchard
Birthday: Summer 26
Loves: Strawberry (Top Quality), Clam, Sodas
Likes: Strawberry (Normal/Low Quality), Orange, Apple
Dislikes: Mushroom, Toadstool
Present #1: Apple Soda
Present #2: Grape Soda

Meet: When you first visit the Workshop
Resident: Workshop
Birthday: Summer 10
Loves: Turnip (Top Quality), Tuna Steak, Salter R. Trout
Likes: Turnip (Normal/Low Quality), Fish, Branch
Dislikes: Junk Ore, Yogurt
Present #1: Dace
Present #2: Coral Broach

Meet: When you visit the Workshop
Residence: Workshop
Birthday: Winter 10
Loves: Tomato (Top Quality), Tomato Based Foods (He does not really love tomato)Herb tea
Likes: Copper/Silver/Gold Ore, Branch, Tomato (Normal/Low Quality), Squid Sashimi
Dislikes: Toadstool, Clams, Clam based foods
Present #1: Red Herb
Present #2: Aquamarine Broach

Meet: During the Fireworks Festival
Residence: Junk Shop (After it expands)
Birthday: Fall 2
Loves: Bell Pepper (Top Quality), Special Egg, Rare Ore
Likes: Bell Pepper (Normal/Low Quality), Copper/Silver/Gold Ore
Dislikes: Carrot
Present #1: Silver Ore
Present #2: Caffeine and Recipe

Meet: The first time you visit Sunny Lake
Residence: --
Birthday: Fall 27
Loves: Special Egg/Butter, Yellowtail Sashimi/Teriyaki/Stew
Likes: Corn (Normal/Low Quality), Fish, Copper/Silver/Gold Ore, Fish based foods
Dislikes: Toadstool, Jam, Junk Ore
Present #1: Amago
Present #2: Salmon Meuniere

[edit] The Bachelorettes

This is a complete list of the bachelorettes, based on where you will meet them, where they live, what they like and dislike, when their birthday is, and which presents they give you.

Meet: When you visit the Junk Shop
Residence: Junk Shop
Birthday: Summer 18
Loves: Corn (Top/Normal Quality), Baked Corn, Rare Ore
Likes: Bronze/Silver/Gold Ore, Grilled Fish
Dislikes: Grass
Present #1: Good Clay
Present #2: Spicy Fried Vegetables

Meet: Your first visit to the Sanatorium
Residence: Sanatorium
Birthday: Winter 9
Loves: Blueberry, Blueberry Jam/Juice, Strawberry/Cocoa (Top Quality)
Likes: Strawberry/Cocoa (Normal/Low Quality), Apple, Orange, Milkshake
Dislikes: Grilled Crawfish, Junk Ore, Boot, Can
Present #1: Blueberry
Present #2: Cocoa Cake

Meet: Comes to your door the morning of the first full day
Residence: Blue Sky Ranch
Birthday: Fall 8
Loves: Breadfruit (Top Quality), Cocoa (Top/Normal Quality), Special Milk/Egg, Cocoa Cake
Likes: Strawberry, Cocoa (Low Quality), Breadfruit (Normal/Low Quality), Milk, Egg, Butter, Cheese
Dislikes: Toadstool, Junk Ore, Failed Yarn
Present #1: Char Sashimi
Present #2: Apple Pie

Meet: The first visit to the Moonlight Café
Residence: Moonlight Café
Birthday: Winter 16
Loves: Strawberry (Top Quality), Special Cheese, Sodas, Ruby Brooch/Ring
Likes: Strawberry (Normal/Low Quality), Orange, Butter, Cheese, Moonstone
In the Wii version, Eve also likes Chestnuts. Dislikes: Toadstool, Junk Ore, Toadstool Saute
Present #1: Very Berry Soda
Present #2: Grape Soda

Meet: Your first visit to the Sanatorium
Residence: Sanatorium
Birthday: Fall 20
Loves: Onions (Top Quality), Bell Pepper (Top Quality), Coral Brooch/Ring
Likes: Onions (Normal/Low Quality), Bell Pepper (Normal/Low Quality), Mushroom, Toadstool, Amago
Dislikes: Balms
Present #1: Milkshake
Present #2: Miso Mackerel

Meet: At Spring Horse Race
Residence: Perch Inn
Birthday: Summer 8
Loves: Cabbage (Top Quality), Carrot (Top Quality), Special Cheese, Blueberry/ Very Berry Jam
Likes: Milk, Egg, Cheese, Mayonnaise, Sashimi, Blueberry, Very Berry, Flowers
Dislikes: Toadstool
Present #1: Plain Omelet
Present #2: Pizza

Meet: Your first visit to the Callaway Café
Residence: Callaway Café
Birthday: Fall 29
Loves: Potato/Breadfruit/Yam (Top Quality), Special Milk/Egg/Butter/Cheese
Likes: Breadfruit/Yam (Normal/Low Quality), Cocoa, Silver/Gold Ore, Egg, Milk, Butter
Dislikes: Junk Ore, Grilled Crawfish
Present #1: Yogurt
Present #2: Cheesecake

Meet: At the Flower Festival
Residence: Hearty Lyla
Birthday: Spring 27
Loves: Pumpkin (Top Quality), Sapphire Brooch/Ring, Herbs, Pumpkin Soup
Likes: Cabbage, Pumpkin (Normal/Low Quality), Cheese, Flowers, Blueberry, Very Berry, Wool
Dislikes: Toadstool, Caramelized Dishes
Present #1: Wool
Present #2: Orange Cake

Meet: When you visit the Flower Bud Library
Residence: Flower Bud Library
Birthday: Winter 5
Loves: Cabbage/Eggplant (Top Quality), Moonstone Brooch/Ring, Pickled Dishes
Likes: Turnip, Spinach, Cabbage/Eggplant (Normal/Low Quality), Brooches, Rings, Sashimi
Dislikes: Sodas
Present #1: Pickled Cabbage
Present #2: Boiled Spinach

Meet: When you visit the Spring Farm
Residence: Spring Farm
Birthday: Spring 20
Loves: Strawberry (Top/Normal Quality), Blue Mist Flower, Strawberry Milk, Herb Tea
Likes: Turnip, Cabbage, Potato, Tomato, Corn, Yam, Spinach, Egg, Cheese, Mayonnaise
Dislikes: Stone
Present #1: Honey
Present #2: Stew

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