Marriage - Grand Bazaar

Just like every Harvest Moon game, you can get married! Luckily for you, you have the choice as playing as a girl or boy. So, that means there are both bachelors and bachelorettes! Each marriage candidate likes different things, and dislikes difference things, so find out what they like and don't like so you don't lower friendship points! There are 5 bachelorettes and 5 bachelors to choose from in all.


[edit] Requirements

  • You must be at Red Heart (60,000 to 65,535 FP) with the person you want to marry.
  • You must have seen all the bachelor's/bachelorette's heart events.
  • You must be in Year 2 of the game.
  • You must own a Big Bed.
  • You must have at least 30,000 FP with the person's relatives.

[edit] Bachelorettes

[edit] Antoinette

Main Article: Antoinette (GB)
  • Birthday: Winter 12th
  • Favorite: Cherry Tea
  • Likes: Frogs, Accessories, Magic Blue Grass, Desserts, and Black Tea
  • Dislikes: Fish

Daughter of Erich, she prefers to suppress her emotions. She tends to hold grudges, but when you befriend her, you'll find her opening up to you.

[edit] Daisy

Main Article: Daisy (GB)
  • Birthday: Spring 27th
  • Favorite: Strawberry Pie
  • Likes: Sweets, Juice, Butterflies, Fireflies, Brooches, and Flowers
  • Dislikes: Spicy food, Black-spotted Tree Frogs, Alcohol, and Bugs [excluding butterflies and fireflies]

Stewart and Sania's maid, hired to look after their hotel. A workaholic, she puts great effort not only into her work, but all her actions. Unfortunately, her effort is fueled by her emotions, and actually proves to be a disadvantage to her. Extremely optimistic, she is able to get past the obstacles caused by her mistakes.

[edit] Freya

Main Article: Freya (GB)
  • Birthday: Fall 25th
  • Favorite: Citrus Perfume
  • Likes: Pretty things, Cheese Dishes, Unsweet Alcohol, Butterflies, Chocolate, and Magic Red Grass
  • Dislikes: Tempura

Metropolitan, Freja speaks with a very blunt tone, not bothering to hide her opinions, be it positive or negative. It seems her tongue works faster than her mind. In the past she was emotionally harmed, and is offended easily.

[edit] Emiko

Main Article: Emiko (GB)
  • Birthday: Spring 5th
  • Favorite: Soy Milk Pudding
  • Likes: Flowers and Tea
  • Dislikes: Curry items and Garbage items

With her rough manner of speaking, Emiko isn't your average girl. Clad in elegant clothing and living a house that resembles a shrine, she is truly an enigma. To add on to the oddities, she doesn't come out when it rains, and likes to stay uninvolved in the lives of others.

[edit] Sherry

Main Article: Sherry (GB)
  • Birthday: Spring 16th
  • Favorite: Herb Salad
  • Likes: Flowers and Butterflies
  • Dislikes: Spicy foods

Daughter of Felix, Sherry always displays a kind attitude. However, this may be a facade. As her mother died when she was young, she tried to appear happy and satisfied for her father.

[edit] Bachelors

[edit] Angelo

Main Article: Angelo (GB)
  • Birthday: Winter 28th
  • Favorite: Rice Omelet
  • Likes: Moondrop Flower, Sweets, Chocolate, Eggs, and Walnuts
  • Dislikes: Alcohol and Weeds

Very ambitious, Angelo's passion is painting. Not that surprising, considering he's an artist! But don't let looks deceive you - he's a big eater, and can't focus without food in his stomach!

[edit] Dirk

Main Article: Dirk (GB)
  • Birthday: Summer 12th
  • Favorite: Cream Croquette
  • Likes: Magic Red Grass, Dry Curry, and Tea Leaves
  • Dislikes: Salad, Weeds, Curry Bread, and Fish

Younger brother of Ivan, Dirk has a part time job at the cafe. Very charismatic, he's on good terms with everyone. He is also generally optimistic, and he tends to focus on things he likes, and shuts out things he doesn't like. Notable for being ambitious and sticking to his goals.

[edit] Ivan

Main Article: Ivan (GB)
  • Birthday: Fall 20th
  • Favorite: Herb Perfume
  • Likes: Toy Flowers, Magic Blue Grass, Mint, Sandwich, and Turnips
  • Dislikes: Sweets and Dry Curry

Dirk's older brother, Ivan is a teacher. To contrast against Dirk's cheerful personality, Ivan is very strict. Like Dirk, he is ambitious. Despite this, he also has a soft side.

[edit] Lloyd

Main Article: Lloyd (GB)
  • Birthday: Fall 3rd
  • Favorite: Paella
  • Likes: Magic Blue Grass and Bugs
  • Dislikes: Instant food, Lumber, and Fish

A merchant, Lloyd always has his eyes on new wares. Very antisocial, Lloyd isn't too interested in befriending anyone. Once you befriend Lloyd, he will open up to you. Lloyd also has a hidden soft side.

[edit] Amir

Main Article: Amir (GB)
  • Birthday: Winter 26th
  • Favorite: Stew
  • Likes: Milk, Chocolate, Homemade dishes, Milk, and Rice
  • Dislikes: Fancy food

A prince, Amir leaves during the Fall of each year. He loves to talk about his family and home country. He's well-mannered, but also quiet, and stays in his house most of the time.

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