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In Back to Nature, the five bachelorettes each have a heart rate that is displayed when you talk to them. As they grow to like and enjoy you more, the heart goes through these colors: black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. When the girl you'd like to marry has reached an orange heart, you can buy a Blue Feather from the Supermarket. When it reaches red, you may give the Blue Feather to a girl to ask for her hand in marriage.


[edit] Ann

Fullsize picture of Ann

Ann lives and works at the Inn with her father, Doug. She's always cheerful and is a bit of a tomboy. This may be due to the fact that her mother died when she was very young, and her father had to raise her himself. She's very cute, (in my humble opinion, she's the most adorable thing this side of the pacific) and gets flustered easily. She's a wonderful cook, which is good, since she's also a really big eater. She likes just about anything you can cook as a gift, but early in the game the easiest (and cheapest) way to up her heart color is by making spa-boiled eggs. Just take an egg from your chicken, go to the hot-spring, and throw it in on the side where the wooden fence is missing a spot. Ann's schedule is fairly simple, since the Inn never closes down unless it's a Festival. In the mornings she's near the hot-springs from 7:30am until about 10:00am. Then she walks back to the Inn and cleans the upstairs guest rooms from 10:30am until 1:00pm. After that she can be found serving guests in the downstairs dining area of the Inn.

The rival for her affection is Cliff. There's an easy way to win her heart, though. When Duke asks for help harvesting grapes in the fall, you're supposed to go tell Cliff about it. If you don't do this, Cliff will leave, and Ann will be free to seduce at your leisure. ...But really, do you want to do that to poor Cliff?

[edit] Elli

Elli works as a nurse at the Clinic. She's a very sweet girl, and she's always worrying about your health. She lives with her grandmother, Ellen, and her little brother, Stu. She works very hard at her job, and lives to take care of others. She is a deplorable cook, but it's cute how she keeps trying. She loves Flowers, Accessories, Strawberries, and other girly things. On Thursday through Tuesday, she'll be in the Clinic from 9:00am until 7:00pm. On Wednesday, when the Clinic is closed, she'll be at her grandmother's house until 1:00pm, when she goes to the Supermarket to buy groceries and pay the doctor's bill. She'll stay there until 4:00pm, and then head back to her grandmother's.

The rival for her affection is the Doctor. Since all of his heart-event scenes happen in the Clinic, it's hard to avoid them.

[edit] Karen

Karen lives and works at the Supermarket with her father, Jeff, and her mother, Sasha. She's kind of high maintenance and pushy, but she's got a sweet side to her as well. She just has a funny way of showing it. Sometimes, she and her mother will gang up on poor Jeff. No wonder he visits the Clinic all the time. Almost all of the things Karen loves are either hard to get or require you to drop some cash for them, like wine, pizza, and jewelry. Like I said, high maintenance. Luckily, she also really likes sashimi, and you can make that at home if you have a kitchen, the knife set, and a fish on hand. Her schedule is simple. In the morning she'll be in front of the Supermarket until 10:00am. After that she's in her room and unavailable to you unless you've befriended both Sasha and Jeff. She comes back out at 1:00pm and helps inside the store until 6:00pm. On Sunday's and Tuesday's she goes to the Hot Spring from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, unless it's raining. She hangs out with Gotz when the weather is bad. She also goes to the Inn and gets majorly hammered on her days off, between the hours of 7:30 and 10:00pm.

If you don't try to win her over, she'll get stuck with Rick, who, lets be honest, is a tool.

[edit] Mary

Fullsize picture of Mary

Mary lives next door to the Library, where she works. She spends her days behind her desk thinking up stories and working on her novel. She's very shy and introverted, but she's also quite pretty. She's kind of a romantic, probably because of all the fairy tales she reads. She seems a little frail, but she's got a strong mind and a kind heart. She ~loves~ truffle rice. But if you can't find that, bamboo shoots work just as well. She lives with her mother, Anna, and her father, Basil. Basil finds and catalogues different types of plants. On Mondays he'll drag his whole family up to Mother's hill from 7:30am until about 10:00am. Then they all go home and apparently just hang out until 1:00pm, when Anna and Mary go shopping. They stay in the Supermarket until about 4:00pm, and then go home to chill some more. On Tuesdays through Sundays though, Mary is in her beloved Library, surrounded by her favorite books.

You remember Saibara's grandson and apprentice, Gray, right? He thinks Mary is the best thing since fried rice. If you don't want her, he'll take her.

[edit] Popuri

Popuri lives and works at Chicken Lil's with her mother Lilia, and her overprotective joke of a brother Rick. Her mother is sick and her father has been gone for a long time searching for a cure. She'd never admit it, but she's kind of lonely, and longs for adventure. She acts kind of childish and immature sometimes, but for the most part she's very sweet. She ~loves~ egg dishes, of any kind. She also like sweets. On Sundays she goes to church and pesters Carter about what religion really means. She stays there from 9:30am until 1:00pm, then goes to Rose Square to listen to the town gossip until about 4:00pm. In the summer she'll forego the church and hang out at the beach. Monday-Saturday she goes to the Hot Spring between 7:30am until 10:00am, then she goes home and paces a groove into the floor of her house until 6:00pm.

Kai, that sexy man of the sea, will whisk Popuri away to exotic (and warmer) places if you don't move fast enough.

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