Marriage (HMFoMT)

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These are the bachelorettes in their wedding dresses. The girls you get to choose from are Ann, Karen, Mary, Elli, and Popuri. To get them to marry you, you will need to meet certain requirements.

  • Have the biggest house (2 upgrades)
  • A double bed
  • She must have a red heart
  • You have seen all of the heart events
  • You have proposed with the blue feather

You will automatically get married 7 days after you proposed, and you are not allowed to do anything on that day. So plan ahead.

The Harvest Goddess is a special bachelorette
She does not have a visible heart, but she is a "special" marriage candidate who has lots of other requirements. Because she is "special", she does not have heart events. Even though her heart is invisible, you must raise her friendship up as high as the red heart level.You must also:

  • Complete the shipping list
  • Dig up every type of item from each mine
  • Catch every type of fish
  • Be in your 5th year or later
  • Collect all 9 of the Goddess Jewels and the Goddess Gem
  • Have her friendship equal to the red heart level
  • Confess to Carter that you want to marry the Harvest Goddess

Once all the requirements are met, throw the blue feather into the Goddess Pond, and she'll accept. That's a lot of work, huh? She's definitely difficult, but it's a nice challenge.

[edit] Baby

A month after you get married your wife will complain about being ill. You will take her to the clinic and find out that she is pregnant. Two seasons after that, your child will be born. Also, a season after your child is born, your wife will complain about being ill again but she turns out to be fine.

When your child is born your wife will hold him until he can walk, so you can’t interact with him. A year after he has been born, he can walk, and give you gifts! Once he gets to this age, however, he will not grow up anymore. Enjoy your toddler for life.

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