Marriage (AnWL)

[edit] The Bachelors

In Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, there are three bachelors to choose from.

Gustafa during a cutscene
Marlin during a cutscene
Rock during a cutscene


Gustafa wears a giant green hat, so he isn't hard to spot! He is seen around his tent on the hill near the beach, usually playing nice songs on his guitar. His diary is in his tent, on the couch. His rival is Nami.

Items he loves: Flowers, milk, vegetable/fruit meals (Salads), ores, things from the Dig.
Dislikes: Fish, tomatoes


Marlin is a little bit rude at first, but he eventually opens up to you. He is a farm boy, and works with his sister Vesta, on their farm across the river. His diary is beside the beds in Vesta's house, in the plants.
Favorite Items: Home-cooked meals, curry, sashimi, milk/other dairy, crops from your farm
Dislikes: Unknown


Rock is the party boy. He is almost never at home; he wanders around the valley all day long. He is also obsessed with throwing parties for some reason. He fits all definitions of "scumbag," and is rather flirtatious with all girls. He lives with Tim and Tuby at the Inn, upstairs in the right door. His diary is in his room.
Most liked items: Mist Moon flowers, fodder, human-shaped artifacts, coins, muchroom gratin, butter, tometo melon salad, cheese, earth soup, Toy Flowers
Dislikes: Most other flowers

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