Marriage (AWL)

This is a guide to Marriage in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.


[edit] Basic Information

Marriage is more important in A Wonderful Life than in other Harvest Moon games. You will need to get married before the end of the first year, otherwise the game will end. There are 3 women who you can get married in this instalment. They are:

Celia, Muffy and Nami. Celia being the easiest, Muffy average and Nami hardest.

To propose, you will have to see how many hearts they have for you. Each woman will have a diary: Celia’s being under her bed, Muffy will have hers in the plant pot (Inside the bar) and Nami’s is behind her radio. (In her room in the inn) When they have four hearts you may propose with a blue feather. (Received in the summer) A cut scene will trigger and you will then get married at the end of the year. Also, there is an option of not proposing to any and a random girl will come to you at the end of the year, asking to marry you. If you do not accept this proposal, your game will end.

To make sure they have four hearts it will most probably take no much longer than two seasons. When they have a certain amount of hearts you can trigger cut scenes. To make their hearts go up, you will need to give them there favourite items each day.

Note- The options I tell you to chose are only there to let you know what ones will get the best result.

[edit] Celia


Celia is very easy to make her fall in love with you. For starters, just buying seeds from there will make her like you more, she is very easy to find and very easy to please. She is very ideal for a farmer's wife.

Favourite Items: Flowers, moon ores and coins from the ruins, vegetables, eggs.
Dislikes: Fossils
AVOID: Showing her the blue flower and saying it's not for her, she hates it!

[edit] Muffy


Muffy is a bit tricky to please. She likes to spend most of her time hanging around the bar.

Favourite items: Most flowers, coins and moon ores.
Dislikes: Fossils and the fish Colombo

[edit] Nami


Nami is very, very hard compared to the others to become husband and wife. It is hard to keep track of her diary since it is in her room behind the radio and she's hardly ever in there. Speak to her often but don't look too desperate.

Favourite items- Clay artifacts, your home cooking and Trick Blue Flowers (grow in fall)
Dislikes: Any other type of flower
AVOID: Cooking that didn't turn out right

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