Mana's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

As the text on the bulletin board states, you have to deliver an Emery rose to Rosalind. First, you have to talk to Mana about it. She'll then give you the rare flower. Next, go find Rosalind, and give her the flower. Rosalind will instruct you on the controls used to give someone a gift. Once you report back to Mana, she'll reward you with 100G.

[edit] Second Quest

In this quest you'll have to get Mana a Four-Leaf Clover. You don't actually have to grow one. Just talk to Mana, and she'll ask you to get the Four-Leaf Clover on Blessia Island - Centre. When you find it, pick it up, and give it to Mana. Mana's glad that you got it for her, and mentions that Alicia's reading was right. You'll be rewarded with 200G and 100 logs.

[edit] Third Quest

In this quest you'll have to find an Aquamarine Mana lost in the store. She really wants it back, as she could've made a lot of money by selling it. To find it, press the A-Button in front of the square cask at the bottom of the stairs. After you give it to her, she'll give you 200G as a reward.

[edit] Fourth Quest

Mana's craving Salmon, and she needs someone to fish one up for her. She'll tell you that you can find Salmon in Messhina Valley - Path to Mountain. Once you go there, Mana also comes. She says that she wanted you watch you fish, but you tell her that it's too dangerous for her to be there. Mana's sad that "it didn't turn out like the fortune after all", and heads back to her store. After you get the Salmon, give it to her. She'll thank you, and says that she can't fish where there are monsters. Your reward for this quest will be 200G.
Note: You can give her a Salmon you caught previously when she arrives at the valley. However, you won't experience the dialogue above.

[edit] Fifth Quest

In this quest, Mana asks you to talk to her 'in our special place', and asks you if you know what she means You'll then be presented with to options:

  • Of course.

Mana will say she's happy that you do, and will tell you to meet her at the 'special place'. The place in question is the arch where you two first met. When you get there, you two reminisce about how you met. She'll ask you if your memory came back, and you'll say it hasn't. You say that it's tough not knowing that much about yourself, but you're glad that you made some good memories in the town. She asks you if you plan on leaving, but you'd rather stick around and look after your farm. She's a bit taken back that your farm is the main reason you'll be staying. Before you can explain, an earthquake strikes! Douglas comes, and like your first meeting, he thinks you're proposing to her, and explodes with anger. Mana convinces him to leave the two of you alone, saying that if neither of them is looking after the store, they would be losing business. She complains about how her dad is overprotective of her, and claims that since she old enough to marry, he should stop treating her like a kid. You ask her if she has any guy in mind, but she nervously avoids the question, and heads back home.

  • Not really.

[edit] Sixth Quest

In this quest, Mana asks you to meet her at Alvarna - Port tomorrow at six in the evening. The next day, she will be at the port. You can still talk to her before 6:00 PM. She'll be surprised that you came so early, but doesn't mind that. She asks you if there's any girl you like, but there's nobody you really like at the moment. She understands, and apologizes for asking so suddenly. After the event, if you talk to her, she asks what you'd like to do in the future. You still plan on looking after the farm, and she wants to become a teacher. You're surprised, seeing as there isn't a school in town, and she says it's a problem.

[edit] Seventh Quest

In this quest, Mana asks you to deliver something 'to the farm just outside of town.' You ask if she's referring to your farm, and she says it's a gift for you. You then ask if you can open it right now, and she says yes. The gift is a Red Scarf. She says that she's been working on it a little bit each day, and says despite the fact that it's the middle of summer, it'll still look good on you. You thank her for the gift, and she's happy you like it.
Note: Like most of the "Clothes" you can find in the game, you can't actually wear it.

[edit] Eight Quest

In this quest, Mana asks you to come with her to Cherry Blossom Square. Once you're there, she again asks if you're decided what you want to be in the future. She still wants to be a teacher, and asks if you think it suits her. You're impressed at her decision, and say that she'll make a great teacher. She quizzes you on the needed thing for a teacher, and you're dumbfounded. She gives you the answer: A school! There's no school in Alvarna, and Mana says the area where you're at would be the perfect place for it. Mana's puts you in charge of getting the school built, and while at first you're surprised, you then think it's a good idea. She thanks you for listening to her, and heads back home.

[edit] Ninth Quest

Here's a change of pace: This quest is a date! Mana asks you to take her deep into Blessia Island. You warn her that it's too dangerous, but she says that's why you're taking her. She'll meet you at Summer Island Port. She's counting on you to get rid of the monsters on the way! After you take out all the monsters and the monster generators, you end up at the ruins. Mana's amazed, but the thing that most sparks her curiosity is the old ship. After questioning the possible places the ship could have come from, she's more determined to become a teacher so the children will know about the unexplained mysteries of the world. She heads back home, leaving you to wonder how she got back without going through the monsters.

[edit] Tenth Quest (Part 1)

Mana says this is the most important thing in her life. Again, she asks you to meet her at Cherry Blossom Square. Once there, she declares her love for you! She says that she's loved you since she first met you, and says she'll still love you, even if you don't love her back. Her dream is to be proposed to by the person she most loves with an Engagement Ring... but the only person that has one is her overprotective father! You decide that it's time you've faced him.

[edit] Tenth Quest (Part 2)

Note: This is actually one of Douglas' quests, but is technically part of Mana's tenth quest. Douglas wants you to meet him at Trieste Forest – Wooded Paradise. When you get there, you say that you want to marry Mana. Douglas explodes with anger- He's already told you that he'll never let anyone marry Mana! He wants to fight you: If you don't beat him, he won't let you marry Mana! Right after he says that, a giant orc appears. It's not a normal orc! You tell Douglas you're gonna take it down. After you defeat it, Douglas admires your fighting skills, and says you'd make a wonderful husband for Mana. He gives you the Engagement Ring.

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