Mana is the first one you will meet on Rune Factory 2 and she is one of the girls that doesn't have any rivals. She also lives in the general store with her dad, who doesn't like the idea of someone marrying his daughter. So before you marry Mana you need to have Douglas at 3 or 4 in friend points, then you'll get a request from Douglas that you meet him at Trieste forest. When you meet him he will talk to you about marrying Mana. Then a mini boss will appear that you have to fight. When you have beaten the boss Douglas will change his mind about you marrying Mana and will give you the engagement ring. When you give the ring to Mana she will marry you, but she must have 10 in love points before she accepts the engagement ring, and finally decides to marry you.

[edit] Her Likes and Dislikes

Her most favorite gift is the 4-leaf clover,sashimi and of course pink turnip. something Mana doesn't like is mackerel. when she is in level 6 in love points you'll get a request from mana to deliver something to someone.When you talk to Mana she will say that she got a red scarf to deliver to the farm house.Then you get the red scarf from Mana.

Mana's dream is to become a teacher.

to discover what Mana likes or dislike she will say stuff like this:

  • Fish are best when they're are served as sashimi
  • I like 4-leaf clover okay? don't forget!
  • I really like pink turnips. what do you like kyle?
  • I really don't like Mackarel. i really wouldn't want to get that as a present. Just so you know, okay?

Mana likes you even if you have her at 0 in love points.

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