Lute in RFF
Lute is a villager from Rune Factory Frontier. This is Lute's first appearence, having never been in a Rune Factory game before. Lute is a peddler who will sell goods to you for reasonable prices. Lute is also a painter and can sometimes be found painting on an easel by Lake Poli. He at one time sold tools in the city, which explains his stock, but now wants to sell paintings for a living.

Residence: Lute doesn't have a home in Trampoli.
Birthday: Summer 13
Loves: Chocolate
Likes: Milk
Dislikes: Fish

[edit] Winning His Friendship

Lute doesn't require much to become a friend with him. He loves chocolate, a simple cooking ingredient that can easily be found in treasure chests at Whale Island Fin. He also likes milk, which can also be gotten easily by befriending a buffaloo and then using the harvester, given to you by Candy, to milk it. Also, Lute will get bonuses in friendship by purchasing his stock. Also remember that Lute can usually only be found on Holidays, so when he does come around make sure to meet up with him in Town Square.

[edit] Relationship with Tabatha

Lute in Rune Factory Frontier has an obvious affection to one of the games bachelorettes, Tabatha, who has appeared in other Rune Factory games. In the mornings of Holidays if you visit Bianca's and Tabatha's mansion Lute can be found outside of there home just standing. If you talk to him enough, he will comment that he is not doing anything creepy. Its unknown if your relationship with Lute will change if you marry Tabatha.

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