Candace Tree of Tranquility

[edit] Tree of Tranquility

An outgoing and straightforward girl, she is Candace's sister and nearly the complete opposite from her. She assists at the Tailor's with her grandmother, Shelly, and her sister, Candace. She also seems to be younger and shorter than the other bachelorettes.

Birthday: Spring 25th

Rival: none

Best Gifts: Apple Pie, Chocolate Pie, Pumpkin Pudding, Pumpkin Cake, Shining Flax Thread, Shining Silk Thread
Good Gifts: any colored Herb, Tulip, Pinkcat Flower, Rose, Shining Cherry, Good Pumpkin, Good Strawberry, Perfect Wool, Perfect Cocoon, any colored Wool Yarn, Good Silk Thread, any colored Silk Thread, Good Flax Thread, any colored Flax Thread, Shining Egg, Shining Duck Egg, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Milk, Shining Goat Milk, Shining Cheese, Shining Goat Cheese, Shining Butter, Shining Goat Butter, Black Pearl, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Diamond
Bad Gifts: Glass, any Ore, Rare Metal, Limestone, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Lemon

Arrival: Luna will move onto the island first with her relatives after summoning Daren.

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