Luke Tree of Tranquility

[edit] Tree of Tranquility

The son of the local carptener, Dale, Luke is very hotblooded and friendly. He never misses a beat and is almost always happy all the time. He works as an assistant at the Carpentry.

Birthday: Summer 8th

Rival: none

Best Gifts: Broiled/Grilled Catfish, Spinach Cake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Banana, Shining Mayonnaise, Banana Pudding, Spinach Risotto, Sauteed Spinach
Good Gifts: Tulip, Banana, Spinach, Cocktails, Blue Honey, Red Honey, Orange Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Shining Sashimi, Southern Style Omelet Rice, Southern Style Fried Rice
Bad Gifts: Medicine, Blue Perfume, Cheese Risotto, Yogurt, Shining Bamboo Shoot

Arrival: Luke is on Waffle Island from the beginning.

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