Livestock (HMDS)

[edit] General

Before you can buy livestock you need to hire Gotz to build an livestock barn. The barn can hold 4 animals in any combination of cows and sheep. The livestock barns are much larger than the poultry barns so make sure you have room on your field to place them and the fence to surround the building. If you don't place the fence around the barn then the animals can walk behind your barn and scatter around the farm. But you can just keep them inside the barn at all times.

Feeding and managing your livestock is still very easy, but harder then the poultry. You must feed each animal Fodder every day, which can be bought at the Yodel Ranch. In order to store Fodder in the barn you must have the Silo Built from Gotz too. If it is not built you must carry around the Fodder in your Rucksack. Just place one bushel of Fodder in the feeding area for each livestock you have in the barn. The other way to feed is let your animals outside to graze. You must have grass growing for this to work. The animals will eat one square of grass a day, which will grow back in about 9 days. You can also cut grass with the Sickle to obtain Fodder. Aside from feeding you must pet, talk to (press A in front of animal either without the touch glove equipped, or after you've pet it), brush, and milk/shear it when it's required.

Once again there are two ways to get livestock. One, you can buy them from Yodel Ranch (Sheep: 4000G | Cows: 5000G) or you can breed existing livestock. You can buy potions from Rick that will allow the animals to produce offspring. It takes 21 days for a pregnant cow or sheep to have a child. The pregnant animal can not go outside so you must remember to feed her every day. A cow potion costs 3500 G and a sheep potion costs 3000 G. If you want to breed a sheep she must have her full coat of wool before the potion will be effective. You just have to sprinkle the potion over the animal you wish to breed and she will be in the mothering stall (the stall in the top left corner of the barn) the next day. Only one animal can be pregnant in each barn at a time.

[edit] Cows

Screenshot of petting a Cow

Cows can produce milk every day as long as they are happy. If you use your Milker on a mature cow then you will receive bottles of Small Milk. If you want medium or large sized milk you will need to use the Touch Panel Glove to "rub" the milk out of your cows. If you receive a score of at least 10,000 points then you will receive Medium Milk, and you need 22,500 points for Large Milk. During the rubbing mini game, swipe your stylus left and right against the cows udders to milk her. The Milker can be bought from Saibara Shop via your telephone for 2000 G.

[edit] Sheep

As for Sheep, they will have wool for your to cut with clippers. Each sheep's wool is cut up into 5 sections; head, back, front leg, belly, and back leg. The size of wool you obtain while clipping will depend on how many sections you collect the wool from. If you don't use the Touch Panel Glove then you will receive a small ball of Wool, up to 4 per sheep. If you use the Touch Glove then you can also collect Medium and Large pieces of Wool. Rubbing 2 sections will get you a Medium Wool and rubbing 3 sections will get you a Large. That leaves 2 small section left over, so you can get one Large and one Small piece of Wool from the sheep on the same day.

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