Leonel's Quests (RF2)

[edit] First Quest

In this quest, you must deliver some Giant Gloves to Roy. Leonel promised him that he'd find a pair for him. After delivering it to Roy, return to Leonel for your reward of Toyherb seeds.

[edit] Second Quest

Leonel isn't that great at fishing, so he wants you to fish for him. The fish he requests is Sardine. He actually hates them, but he figured that if he ate one, he could get over his dislike of it. You compliment how 'grown-up' that is, and agree to catch one. He thanks you, and tells you that Sardines can be found on Blessia Island. Your reward is Cake.

[edit] Third Quest

Leonel wants you to deliver something to Orland. Leonel had some trouble with a lesson, and Orland helped him out. He made a Pin to thank Orland, but he's too embarrassed to deliver it himself. You note that he get's embarrassed pretty easily, but still take on the task. Upon giving it to Orland, Orland asks you what it's for. After explaining Leonel's situation, Orland talks about the Pin fad, but he isn't really interested in it. You head back to Leonel. He asks you if Orland liked it, and you nervously say he did. Your reward is Chocolate Cake.

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