Lara (Rune Factory Frontier Version)

Lara, who is originally from the first Rune Factory game for DS, makes another appearance in Rune Factory Frontier. While still a nurse, she is now a sister-in-training, staying at the church to practice becoming a nun. She works at the infirmary, but she will not appear until you trigger her arrival. To make Lara move in, you will need to visit Mist on Spring 4. She will have a cold and be lying in bed. Talk to her, and she will assure you that she is fine and only needs some bed rest. The next day, when you walk out of your house, you will feel weak and dizzy and pass out. Lara will be walking down the road, and when she sees you on the ground, she will rush over to take care of you. You will wake up in the infirmary to a very concerned Lara who, as in the first Rune Factory, reprimands you for not taking care of your health.

Lara is an eligible bachelorette. She likes jams (orange, strawberry, cherry) and the fact that you are healthy. If you pass out or die in a battle, her affection will go down.

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