A head-shot of Lara the nurse.

At the Clinic you'll find Doctor Edward and his nurse Lara. She is always concerned about everyone's health, and constantly worries about your own safety. Lara will pretty much stay inside of the Clinic for the entire week, but on the holiday she will head outside the Clinic for a few hours. She is very dedicated to helping Edward take care of the villagers.

Birthday - 1st of Winter
Wife Gift - Medicinal Herb

Favorite Gift - Chocolate Cookies
Liked Gifts - Strawberry, Pancakes, Jams, Donut, French Toast
Disliked Gifts - N/A

Raising Love Points - Lara is one of the easier bachelorettes to "woo". All you must do is give her a daily gift and her LP will raise. Other things that will help is talking to her on the Spring Festival and Beaches Open, and going on the date with her in Moonlit Eve and Sacred Night. She also appreciates gifts on her birthday.

Special Marriage Requirements - There are only a few easy extra requirements to marry Lara.

Step One - As you gradually progress through the storyline you will eventually reach an event where Cecilia is trapped inside Clemens Cave. To continue with the story you will have to rescue this little girl, so this step is already taken care of.

Step Two - After rescuing Cecilia from Clemens Cave, head to the library between 6:00 am and 9:00 am (if Russell has 3 or more FP) or after 4:00 pm, and go up to the 2nd floor. Cecilia will thank you for rescuing her and give you the gift of a Lapis Lazuli. (Make sure you have an open slot in your rucksack to recieve this item.)

Step Three - Finally, take the Lapis Lazuli and give it to Lara. You may then talk to her and propose marriage (if she has ten LP).

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