Below is a list of the items that can be dropped by monsters in the caves. Some of the monster listing are vague or incomplete, an updated version will hopefully be done soon, so check back often.

Name of Item Monster(s) Obtained From
Amethyst Monster Boxes
Aquamarine Monster Boxes
Bird Feather Black Bird, Clucky, Ducky, Gigantes, Troll, Unico, Weagle
Black Grass Slimes
Cheap Cloth Fairy, Faust, Ghost, Goblin, Orcs, Hobogoblin, Mage, Necro
Copper Golem
Fire Crystal Slime, Ignis, Mage
Water Crystal Slime, Glace, Sealy, Sky Fish, Tortas
Wind Crystal Slime, Black Bird, Emperor, Wizard, Soul, Weagle
Earth Crystal Slime, Golem
Magic Crystal Glace, Ignis, Soul
Demon Blood Demons
Diamond Monster Boxes
Emerald Monster Boxes
Fair Hide Blood Panther, Queen Bee, Death Stalker, Samurai, Shadow Panther, Unico
Fairy Dust Fairies
Fish Fossil Sealy, Sky Fish
Glue Orc Archer
Glittering Edge Faust, Mantict, Minotaur, Minotaur King, Samurai
Hard Horn Demon, Beetle, Buffaloo, Buffamoo, Buffazoo, Fluffy, Troll, Little Emporer, Mage, Wizard, Minotaur, Minotaur King, Unico, Wooly
Insect Jaw Ant, Beetle, Hornet, Queen Bee, Mantict
Insect Hide Ant, Beetle, Hornet, Mantict, Samurai, Scorpion
Iron Golem
Knife Piece Ghost, Goblin, Necro
Magic Powder Autum, Big Muck, Fairy, Glace, Ignis, Soul, Spring, Summer, Tricky Muck
Magic Talon Blood Panther, Death Stalker, Micro Dragon, Mini Dragon, Shadow Panther
Monster Hide Buffaloo, Buffamoo, Chitter, Elefun, Fluffy, Furpy, Hunter Wolf, Micro Dragon, Mini Dragon, Silver Wolf, Wooly
Mushroom Big Muck, Tricky Muck
Quality Cloth Faust, Ghost, Troll, Little Emperor, Wizard, Necro
Quality Fur Buffazoo, Unico
Root Autum, Big Muck, Spring, Summer, Tricky Muck
Ruby Monster Boxes
Sapphire Monster Boxes
Sharp Fang Panthers, Chitter, Elefun, Monster Boxes, Wolves, Dragons, Sealy, Sky Fish, Tortas
Sharp Talon Black Bird, Panthers, Chitter, Clucky, Duck, Furpy, Wolves, Dragons, Scorpions, Weagle
Silver Golem
Solid Point Demons, Death Stalker, Orc Archer, Scorpion
Teardrop Slimes, Duck, Elefun, Fluffy, Tortas, Unico, Wooly
Thick Stick Faust, Orc, Emperor, Wizard, Mintotaurs
Thin Stick Ghost, Mage, Orc, Orc Archer
Toxin Slimes, Stalker, Bees, Scorpion
Turtle Shell Tortas
Warrior Medal Goblin, Troll, Orc, Hobogoblin, Minotaurs
Wet Scale Dragons, Sealy, Sky Fish
White Grass Slimes

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