Item Receival (AWL)

A list of the items you will get from villagers.

Cody's Art - (Chapter four onwards) Become friends with Cody and enter his house when he is in there.

Goat Milker - Buy a Goat from Van (Chapter 2 onwards) (4000G)

Grant's Alarm Clock - Enter his house while he is there. (5am is the best time)

Music Sheet - From Chapter Three and beyond, walk into Romana's Villa in the morning to see a cutscene of Lumina playing the piano. She will get frustrated and give you her Music Sheet hoping that you could do some good with it because she thinks that she can't.

Ruby's Spice - After befriending Ruby, enter the kitchen of the Inner Inn while only she is there, and she will give you the spice if you tell her you like cooking.

Seed Maker - Become good friends with Daryl and enter his house at night (or you can order it from Takakura for 6000G).

Shears - Become good friends with Wally and enter his house while he is in there.

Strange Hoe - Enter Tim’s and Ruby’s bedroom while Tim is in there.

Strange Sickle - Make sure you are good friends with Gustafa then enter his hut while he is in there.

Strange Watering Can - Become good friends with Romana then enter her room while she is in there with Sebastian.

Tum Tum Drum - Befriend Gustafa and during or after the third chapter walk inside his hut while he is in there. Talk to him to receive the Tum Tum Drum.

Weird Hoe - Make good friends with Vesta and enter her shop when she is in there.

Weird Sickle - (Chapter two onwards) Become good friends with Dr. Hardy then enter his house.

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