Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon

European Cover art of Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.


[edit] Basic Information

Genre: Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Natsume
Developer: ArtePiazza
Theme(s): Lifestyle
Perspective(s): First Person

Release Info:

North America: May 15, 07
Europe: May 11, 07
Japan: Apr 27, 06

[edit] Storyline

You are a robot created by a scientist called Dr. Glane, who is also known as Professor Hope. You must learn and understand not only how to be human, but how to save a beautiful farmland called Easter Ruins which is sealed up by the spirits. You must also be careful, as most of the villagers do not know you're a robot. You'll have to do your best to befriend the new villagers. Good luck as you attempt to learn all you can, keep your secret, and raise your farm with compassion and care.

[edit] Background

Innocent Life is a unique Harvest Moon that takes place in the future. The usual aspects are included, such as raising crops, farming, saving your farm, etc.

[edit] Differences and Features

In this new harvest moon game you find yourself on a tropical island. This is a different approach than in any other harvest moon. There will be new tropical plants, and new areas such as a volcano for you to explore.

  • Different places on the island likes towns, volcanos, and ruins.
  • You can ride a bike to the places.
  • Includes a day-night cycle.
  • Different and Unique plants.

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