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The reason you have an axe is so you can chop wood is so that you can get your house, barn, and chicken coop upgraded. Once you get enough wood and money it can be upgraded. Visit Gotz and select the upgrade you would like. He starts the following day, and finishes in 2-3 days.

[edit] Normal Upgrades

Upgrade 1: Cost: 3,000g

             Wood Required: 200

Upgrade 2: Cost: 10,000g

             Wood Required: 700

Barn: Cost: 6,800g

             Wood Required: 500

Chicken Coop: Cost: 5,000g

             Wood Required: 420

[edit] Other Upgrades

Bathtub: Cost: 30,000g

         Wood Required: 580

Window: Cost: 25,000g

         Wood Required: 300

Doghouse: Cost: 20,000

         Wood Required: 500

Mailbox: Cost: 10,000g

         Wood Required: 200

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