Here are some items that you can get to spice up your house a little bit. With these your house will begin to look more cozy in no time!

Blue Pot
It takes a little bit of effort in order to get this. During winter go to the mines. Mine until you get a blue stone. This could take several days. Now go to Siabara's shop. Talk to him, and then give him the blue stone. Do you remember that mistake pot he made? Now it will be blue and you can buy it. Once you buy it, it will go on the center of your table. A pink cat-mint flower will also be inside it.

You can purchase this from the tool shop. You can put any item inside of it that you want, as long as it isn't food. You can store flowers and things from the mine inside of it.

Can be bought at Rick's shop for 2000G. It goes under the table in the main room.

Horse Plush
Can be purchased at the horse race with the medals you've won. I think you need 500 medals in order to get it.

This object is supposed to protect your greenhouse from being destroyed in a hurricane. It doesn't really work, but it's nice to have it in your house.

Yet another item to be won at the bakery raffle. It will go on your kitchen table.

Something Maria gives you on your birthday. It goes above your bed and really adds to the room.

An item that can be won from the Flower Shop raffle.

These will go in your kitchen. The placemats are another thing that you can win in the bakery raffle.

Table Cloth
This can be won from the bakery in their raffle. It is white with blue checkers and it goes on the table in the room where your bed is.

Turtle Figurine
Win the Egg Festival on either the first or second year. You'll get this turtle and it will sit on top of your TV.

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