Horse (HMDS)

A Japanese screenshot of washing your horse.

This animal, like the dog and cat, is mainly to improve the overall aspect and look of your farm. It will not make any money and you cannot sell it. After you have shipped 1000 items via your Shipping Bin, Takakura will stop by in the morning and deliver your horse. You can use that horse as a portable Shipping Bin, and even ride it around the valley. When you receive the horse it will already be an adult so you don't have to wait to ride it around.

Taking care of your horse is very easy, You do not have to feed it, just pet and brush it. You can buy the brush tool from Saibara's Blacksmith Shop. There is a glitch in some games that requires the horse to lose affection with you whenever you go to the mines for too long, but that is not always the case.

To pet your horse with the touch glove, come up next to it (with the glove equipped) and press A. Once again the petting screen will appear and you rub the horse for ten seconds. To brush a horse, you must have the glove and the brush equipped. You will be able to do this since the glove is an accessory and the brush is a tool. Stand next to the horse and press Y. A new screen will pop up on the bottom, the brushing screen. What you do here is rub the animal to cover it in bubbles. You have an unlimited time so do the best coverage job you can. When you are done press the icon in the top right corner and the animal will be rinsed with water. After that you're done brushing your horse.

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