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During your time playing, you may notice a green bar on the bottom right side of the screen. This meter is your Health Meter, and lets you know when you're about to faint.

If you faint, you will be sent to the clinic where Alex will explain to you what happened. You will restart from the day after you fainted. For example, if you faint on Summer 10, you will wake up on Summer 11. So be careful - if you faint in the middle of the day without doing all your chores, you won't be able to do them until the next day!

[edit] How it happens

If you use a tool, your health will go down. If you're doing your crops or taking care of your animals, be sure to keep an eye on that meter! It's very common to faint in the middle of watering your crops because you don't pay attention to the meter.

[edit] Getting it back up

If your meter is running low and you need an extra boost to finish the chores, you could always eat something! Pretty much everything you eat will raise your health, but cooked foods tend to help even more. However, honey, which is found in the mountains, is also a very good source of energy! Eating honey should give you a good chunk of that green meter back, allowing you to finish up the work on your farm!

[edit] Expanding the meter

As you play the game, you will come across opportunities to make the meter even longer! You can do this by eating a power berry. Once you get a power berry, you have no choice but to eat it, so you can't store it away for safe-keeping or give it to someone else. There are only 5 power berries in the entire game.

  1. Horse Race: Enter your horse into the horse race with either 5 or 6 hearts and you will have a much better change of winning. If you win, you will receive the power berry! You will only receive this the first time you win.
  2. Beach Festival: You are given a power berry for winning the Beach Festival for the first time.
  3. Pumpkin Festival: If you ship a pumpkin for the pumpkin festival and go to it, you will receive a power berry!
  4. 30 Notes: When you find 30 musical notes and go to the Harvest Goddess' spring, you will get a power berry.
  5. Moonlight Mine: When you reach the bottom of the Moonlight Mine and Tim is there, you will get a power berry.

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