Healing/Status Recovery Potions

Name Skill Level Ingredients Effect
Neutralizer 1 Yellow Grass, orange Grass Gets rid of poisonous spots in the dungeons.
Paragone 5 Blue Grass, Purple Grass Cures paralysis and restores a small amount of HP.
Antidote Herb 10 Neutralizer, Medicinal Herb Cures poison and recovers a small amount of HP.
Energy Drink 15 Para-gone, Antidote Herb Restores a moderate amount of HP.
Cold Medicine 20 Red Grass, Red Grass Cures a cold and recovers a small amount of HP.
Formula A 25 Green Grass, Green Grass Speeds up plant growth by 1 day.
E. Drink S 30 Energy Drink, Energy Drink Restores a large amount of HP.
Formuade 35 Antidote Herb, Para-gone, Cold Medicine, Energy Drink Cures any status ailment and recovers a small amount of HP.
Fire Element 45 Magic Crystal, Little Crystal, Ruby, Demon Blood Fire Affinity +1
Water Element 50 Magic Crystal, Little Crystal, Aquamarine, Fish Fossil Water Affinity +1
Wind Element 55 Magic Crystal, Little Crystal, Emerald, Fairy Dust Wind Affinity +1
Earth Element 60 Magic Crystal, Little Crystal, Amethyst, Turtle Shell Earth Affinity +1
Formula B 65 Formula A, Purple Grass, Blue Grass, Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Orange Grass Speeds up plant growth by 2 days
E. Drink X 70 E. Drink S, E. Drink S, White Herb Recovers a massive amount of HP. The strongest healing medicine for recovering HP.
Formula C 75 Formula B, Black Grass, White Grass, Bamboo Shoot, Mushroom Speeds up plant growth by 3 days
Dex. Bottle 80 Little Crystal, Black Grass, Fireflower, Glitter Snapper, Cherry, Tea Leaves Agility +1 permanently
Vit. Gummy 85 Little Crystal, Black Grass, Green Crystal, Milk, Root, Garlic Stamina +1 permanently
Int. Vitamins 90 Little Crystal, Black Grass, Blue Crystal, Tuna, Magic Crystal,Mushroom Intelligence +1 permanently
Protein 95 Little Crystal, Black Grass, Red Crystal, Sunsquid, Demon Blood,Spinach Vitality +1 permanently
Greenifier 99 Formula C, Earth Crystal, Water Crystal, Fish Fossil, Fairy Dust, Demon Blood Makes 1 crop grow 1 level higher than the seed it was planted from
Sleepy Grass 40 Black Grass, Mushroom, Magic Powder, Milk Cures Fatigue and recovers a small amount of HP.

Information taken from http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/file/946789/57694

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