Head Equipment

[edit] Head Equipment

Equipment for your head. Some of these items can be purchased from stores, but you'll have to collect your own ingredients and make them yourself if you want to synthesize one.
These Head Equipments are possible to create in your Crafting bench. It is ordered from the equipment that takes the least skill to make to the equipment that needs the most skill to make.
Is still incomplete

Name Skill Level Ingredients
Earring 4 Iron, Sharp Fang
Straw Hat 8 Glue, Flour
Hand-knit Hat 12 Yarn Ball, Wool
Pumpkin Head 20 Pumpkin, Insect Hide
Mask 25 Cheap Cloth, Wind Crystal, Cold Medicine
Katusha 30 Insect Jaw, Insect Hide, Cheap Cloth, Magic Powder
Feathered Hat 35 Bird Feather, Wind Crystal, Quality Cloth
Feathered Hat 35 Bird Feather, Giant Cockscomb
Cat Ears 40 Katusha, Monster Hide, Sharp Talon, Emerald, Magic Powder
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