Harvest Sprites (HMFoMT)

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In this game, there are Harvest Sprites that will help you our with your daily farm chores. In order for them to help you, they need 3 hearts. All of them like Flour (or in this game, 'Flower'), so it's an easy and cheap way to get them to like you.


[edit] Where?

The Sprites live above the church. If you go to the church and take a right just before you enter it, there is a little path. Follow the path and it will lead you to a little hut where the Harvest Sprites live.

[edit] How?

Once you befriend the sprites up to three hearts, you can talk to them and choose the response that will ask for help. The Sprites can help with watering, harvesting, and animals. If you hire them for harvesting yet want to keep some of the crops for yourself, it's important to go and pick them up quickly! The sprites will harvest every single crop for you, so if you forget to keep some yourself, it's too late - they automatically go into the shipping bin. The same goes for any products from your animals, all the wool, milk, and eggs are automatically shipped. So if you wanted to make a special recipe requiring any of those things, you'd better get them right away!

When you 'hire' the sprites, they will work for 7 days starting on the day after you ask them, then you must go back and rehire them. Not all of them need to be working on the same time, so you can hire one every 7 days to make sure there's no gap in their work, forcing you to work on the farm yourself until you can hire a sprite.

[edit] Experience

The first time you hire a sprite, it will do a slow job and take small naps and plenty of breaks. The longer a sprite works on a certain job, the more experienced it will get. If you keep the same sprite doing watering each time you hire it, eventually it will gain experience in watering and be extremely fast, speeding around so fast you can barely catch up with it! For this reason, it's a good idea to keep two sprites per job, that way they can gain experience.

[edit] Benefits?

Hiring the sprites isn't all about being lazy! While hiring one to take care of your animals doesn't have too many benefits other than more time, hiring one to take care of your crops can turn out to be very profitable.

If you grow your crops in a long row, you can't reach the middle crop at all until the end of the season. This prevents you from harvesting the crop and watering it, making you lose a large profit. However, the sprites will walk over all your crops, harvesting the ones in the center and re-watering them for you. Your center crops will no longer be ignored!

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