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Festivals occur once during each season- and often lead to special items or events.


[edit] 1st Season

  • Spring 1 New Years (6 PM). Go to the Town Square to dance with a boy or to the Inn for a party with the older villagers.
  • Spring 8 Goddess Fest (10 AM). Go to the town square and dance with the other girls. On the day before, the boy that likes you the most will come by your farm after 12 PM and asks to be your escort (does not happen the first year). He'll be at your farm to pick you up.
  • Spring 14 Spring Thanksgiving. The boy that likes you the most will come by your farm with a present (chocolate cookies). This will most likely not happen the first year.
  • Spring 18 Horse Race at town square.
  • Spring 22 Cooking Festival. You can enter the first year with a boiled egg, but you won't win with it. A guaranteed win is with the tea you received from the Harvest Sprites if you attended their party. (Can't make tea with the herbs the first year, you probably won't have a kitchen yet.) Another guaranteed win is -- get a truffle(available in fall) and mix it with a Riceball (available at Karen's store). Enter with this dish during second year and you'll be sure to win the cooking festival.

[edit] 2nd Season

  • Summer 1 Swimming Festival at the beach. You can swim along with the guys and kick their butts. If you win, your reward is a power berry.
  • Summer 7 Sumo Chicken Fest at Town Square.
  • Summer 12 Very fun: Tomato Fest at Town Square. Unfortunately... you can't be in a team with the guy you like. If you try to be, you'll just be replacing them anyway.
  • Summer 20 Cow Festival.
  • Summer 24 Fireworks Festival. 6 PM at the beach. This doesn't work the first year, but in later years, you can ask the guy you like to watch the fireworks with you.

[edit] 3rd Season

  • Fall 3 Music Festival. 6 PM at church.
  • Fall 9 Harvest Festival. Bring a small food item such as egg or honey.
  • Fall 13 Moon-gazing Festival. Buy an octopus puff from Jeff at the supermarket (simiply talk to him). Bring it with you at 6 PM and at Mother's Mound you'll find the boy that likes you the most.
  • Fall 21 Sheep Fest.

[edit] 4th Season

  • Winter 10 Dog Race. (I hope you've been playing catch with him using the pink dog-ball offered by Wong, a few times every day.)
  • Winter 14 Winter Thanksgiving. Talk to Jeff at the supermarket to buy chocolate. Either give this to the boy you like, keep it, or make a chocolate cake to give to him.
  • Winter 24 Starry Night. Talk to Jeff at the supermarket to buy an invitation. (I think the day before, because on the 24th all the houses are closed.) Give it to the boy you like the most, and make sure to have a few things to eat ready in your backpack the night he comes over.
  • Winter 30 New Year's Eve. Go to Mother's Mound at 12 AM. (midnight) You should get letters in your mailbox the few days afterwards from villagers that like you enough.

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