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There are various bachelors that you can marry in the game. Each one of them has different interests and personality.

A young man full of emotion. Shy at first, but becomes very open if you got to know him well enough. His favorite items are Curry, Bread, Rice Balls, and Apples.

Very intelligent but often seems expressionless. However... He does care for the well fare of others, and yourself, if you ever fall sick or exhausted, he's the one taking care of you. His favorite items are Wine and Green, Red, and Blue Herbs.

A shy boy when it comes to you. Though not exactly social, he is kind and glad simply to have you around. Eager to please his grandfather, Saibara. His favorite items are any Minerals, Flowers, Eggs, and Wine.

Although he's somewhat over-confident and coy, he is very honest and a sweet person deep down. The most athletic boy, and also a ladies man, but once he is in love with you there is no changing his mind. He is only there in the Summer and his affection for you will increase if you win the Swimming Festival. His favorite items are Tomatoes, Corn, Flour, Oil, and Honey.

A very open and social guy. Often depressed because of his sister, Popuri. Kind-hearted but hates Kai. His favorite items are Eggs and Chickens.

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