Harvest Moon DS Cute

Game Infobox
Harvest Moon DS Cute
Developer(s)Marvelous Entertainment
Publisher(s)Marvelous Entertainment (JP)
Natsume (NA)
Rising Star Games (EU)
Genre(s)Fantasy RPG
Mode(s)Single Player
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)Japan: March 17, 2005
USA: September 12, 2006
Europe: June 7, 2007


[edit] Background

Harvest Moon DS CUTE is the female sequel to the best-selling Harvest Moon DS. The main abilities of the two games are almost identical, with a few more options and a slightly different storyline.

[edit] Storyline

It is midnight, and the heroine is sleeping peacefully in her little farmhouse. What she doesn't know is that her deceased mother has sent a final request to the Harvest Lord: that he may help you to raise a successful farm. Now, the Harvest Goddess appears at your house with her friends- the Harvest Sprites. But she has decided that you don't seem to be able to fulfill your mother's request. The angry Harvest Lord appears, and the two leaders get into a great argument. The Goddess then calls the Lord "bald-headed", and her punishment is being banished. The Harvest Sprites stick by their leader and continue calling the Harvest Lord names, and soon they are banished too. Now the heroine is left to rescue the Goddess and her Sprites, and fulfill her mother's dream.

[edit] Differences

There are a few differences between Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon DS CUTE. Now you are able to change your outfits (a returning feature from More Friends of Mineral Town [GBA]), change the appearance of your home, and you may be able to have a "best friend" instead of a husband. (Note: This feature is only available in the Japanese version of the game.) You can also marry the Mineral Town bachelors if you connect to More Friends of Mineral Town, and continue the game, unlike HMDS. Like HMDS, you must rescue Harvest Sprites and Harvest Goddess, farm, mine, fish, take care of animals, use tools, get married, raise a family, make friends, and more!

[edit] Features

  • Choose between the Gamecube heroine from AnWL and the GBA heroine from MFoMT
  • Two screens for action, speech and inventory
  • All new characters and mixed old ones
  • An exciting new bachelor named Skye
  • A new redesigned town
  • New animal care and system
  • Raise animals like sheep, ducks and cows
  • Able to have a "best friend" instead of a husband (NOTE: Available in the Japanese version only.)
  • New stores- such as a Clothing Store
  • New features like being able to change your wallpaper and carpet
  • All glitches in HM DS have been taken out in this version
  • You are now able to marry Mineral Town bachelors without having your game end
  • Your child can now be a male or a female

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