Harvest Moon 2

Front cover of Harvest Moon 2.


[edit] Basic Information

Platform: Gameboy Color
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Natsume
Developer: Natsume
Theme: Anime
Perspective: Third Person
Rating: Everyone

[edit] Background

Harvest Moon 2 is yet another Harvest Moon game made for the Gameboy. Unlike many HM games, you are able to choose between a girl and a boy farmer. Your choice changes how parts of the game may be played.

[edit] Storyline

In order to support the town, the Mayor has decided to turn the farm into a theme park. Your character has a request: to take over the farm and try to restore it. The Mayor agrees and you have three years to make the farm a success.

[edit] Features

  • A new animal added (Sheep)
  • More village interaction, able to walk around village
  • Must manage and control farm correctly
  • Mountains and Hot House added
  • Much more!

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