Harvest Moon (SNES)


[edit] Basic Information

Platform: SNES
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Natsume
Developer: Natsume
Theme: Anime
Perspective: Third Person

The North-American Box Cover.

[edit] Release Info

North America: Aug 8, 96
Europe: Jan 29, 98
Japan: Aug 9, 96

[edit] Background

Here's your chance to get away from the smog and traffic of the city and experience life in the country in the farming simulation Harvest Moon. You'll literally enjoy the fruits of your labor as you plant seeds and watch them grow into all kinds of fruit-giving trees, vegetables, and everything else you need to survive. You'll have to consider several factors when planning your farm: when the harvest season occurs, the changing of the seasons, and natural disasters that nobody can predict. In the world of Harvest Moon, it's not who you know, it's what you sow! You can make your farm the way you desire; a dairy farm or what ever you wish. Just use your creativity!

[edit] Features

  • Your chance to run a farm
  • You decide what to grow and where to grow it
  • Learn all about farming
  • Many factors to take into account while planning

[edit] Items

There are a ton of items found in Harvest Moon (SNES), and you can acquire them by growing them, finding them in certain places, and many other ways!

[edit] Selling Prices

  • Eggs: 50g
  • Turnips: 60g
  • Potato: 80g
  • Tomato: 100g
  • Corn: 120g
  • Mushroom: 150g
  • Wild Grapes: 150g
  • Summer Fruits: 150g
  • Cave Herbs: 200g
  • Poisonous Mushroom: 200g
  • Fish: 300g
  • Milk:
    Medium: 250g
    Large: 350g
  • Moon Flower 600g

[edit] Power Berries

There're 10 different ways to get Power berries. They permanently increase your stamina and there are 10 total power berries for you to get. The secret garden in the north of your farm shows how many you currently possess.

1. Plow your farm.
2. Plow your farm.
3. Found in tree Stumps on the Mountain.
4. Bring a Fish or a Moon Flower to the Harvest Festival. I suggest Fish since they are less rare.
5. Sell a chicken to the Hawker in Fall instead of the live stock owner.
6. Put a Chicken near the Chicken statue and smash it with the Hammer.
7. Win the Egg Hunting Festival for your 1st or 2nd time.
8. Plant the Snow Flower Seed on the top of the mountain in the 1st day of Winter.
9. When the rock near the Goddess Pond breaks, break the tree stump and fall into the hole.
10. Catch your first Fish in the game and throw it back into the pond

[edit] Other Items

  • Moon Flower

Place: The Summit
Time: The 11th of fall.
Edible? Yes, but it's 600G. SELL IT!
Options: Sell, Eat, Bring to the Harvest Festival
Recommend: Bring it to the Harvest Festival

  • Snow Flower Seed

Place: Flower Festival, plant at The Summit
Time: Plant it on Winter 1st
Edible? No.
Options: Plant it to get Power Berry

  • Mushroom

Place: Mountain
Time: Fall
Edible? Yes.
Options: Sell, Eat, Gift.
Price: 150g

  • Poison Mushroom

Place: Mountain
Time: Fall
Edible? Yes, but dont eat it. POISONUS
Options: Sell it for 200g on Saturday to the paddler.
Price: 200g

  • Wild Grape

Place: Mountain
Time: Spring
Edible? Yes.
Options: Sell, Eat, Gift.
Price: 150g.

  • Southern (Summer) Fruits

Place: Mountain
Time: Summer
Edible? Yes.
Options: Sell, Eat, Gift.
Price: 150g

  • Herb

Place: Cave in Mountain
Time: Any season
Edible? No.
Options: Sell,Gift (not Nina)
Price: 200g

  • Fish

Place: Pond by the Fisherman in the Mountain, use Fisherman's fishing pole
Time: Any season but winter
Edible? Yes.
Options: Sell, Eat, Gift (not Ann), Throw it back in for Power Berry
Recommend: Throw it back in the water to get Power Berry. One time deal.
Price: 300g

  • Cake

Place: The Restaurant in town.
Time: Any season
Edible? Yes.
Options: Eat, Gift (Not Maria)
Price: 500g

  • Grass (Fodder)

Place: Farm (not the seed)
Time: All seasons but winter
Option: Feed your cow and chickens.

[edit] Marriage

When you see 6 + hearts on the diary of your girl, that means you are now eligible to buy the Blue Feathers from Peddler to propose!! Give it to the girl you want to propose, and she'll give you her answers. To check their diaries, simply go to their house, and into their back room and check on the table besides their beds.

[edit] Ann

MEDIUM level

She's the daughter of the Tool Shop owner. She has a orange hair, and loves to invent things. Her father apparently has a crush on the Flower Shop's owner.. (Nina's mom). You can find her by the tool shop, inside the tool shop making things.

  • Likes: Flowers, Cake
  • Dislikes: Mushrooms
  • Perfume: Violet
  • Where's She's likely to be in Star Night: Spa

[edit] Ellen

EASY level

She is the daughter of the restaurant owner. You can find her by the Livestock Shop, because she loves animals! She's the person who gives you your very own dog at the beginning part of the game (second day of the first year/spring). She has short brown hair and owns a bird. You can find the bird in the room behind the restaurant, its cage sitting on top of a table. She's pretty calm, compared to Nina. It's not hard to please her.

  • Likes: Egg, Milk, Cake, Flowers
  • Dislikes: Mushrooms
  • Perfume: Rose
  • Where's She's likely to be in Star Night: Town

[edit] Eve

EASY level

She's always in the Bar, and you can see her late at night (she's the only girl you can find after it's dark because the Bar only opens at night) after you finish all of your work. It's a different case if you marry her; you have to return home or she'll sleep first. It's pretty convinient since you can finish all your work and still have the time to flirt with a girl. She makes drinks all the time.

  • Likes: Flowers, Summer Fruit, Wild Grapes
  • Dislikes: Mushrooms, Fish, Weeds
  • Perfume: Rose
  • Where's She's likely to be in Star Night: Bar

[edit] Maria

MEDIUM level

She is the daughter of the Mayor. She absolutely adores children and you can find her in churches often playing organ or just hanging around. She wears blue, and has a blue hair. You can please her with almost anything from flowers to crops from your own farm. She seems mature.

  • Likes: Flowers
  • Dislikes: Cake(?!?), Bushes, Poison Mushroom, Weeds
  • Perfume: Violet
  • Where's She's likely to be in Star Night: Church

[edit] Nina

HARD level

She's the daugther of the Flower Shop lady. You can find her inside the shop, outside the shop, the the town square, and sometimes at the mountains. Even though she loves flowers you should never pick wild flowers and give it to her. She considers it as a crime against nature. She is a VERY picky person. She loves the cake that can be purchased from the restaurant for 500gold. It takes alot of money to please her, and you might end up spending the entire game trying to get her to max (10) heart. She has pink hairs. She addresses herself in 3rd person sometimes.

  • Likes: Cake
  • Dislikes: Flowers from the mountain, Herbs, Grass from moutain, Poisonous Mushroom...
  • Perfume: Anything
  • Where's She's likely to be in Star Night: Mountain

[edit] Extentions

You can have extensions done onto your house. Just go ask the carpenter in the mountains!

The first extension costs 250 pieces of lumber and 5000 gold. The second extension cost's 500 pieces of lumber and 10000 gold. When you have both extensions, you can get married and have a child. You get married by making a girl like you enough (you can for example give her gifts and dance with her on festivals). When she likes you enough, the peddler will have a blue feather for sale. It costs 1000g. Use it on the girl and get married. Your wife gets pregnant if you keep her happy for long enough.

[edit] Events

Events are more or less festivals that occur annually.

[edit] Spring Festivals

New Year: 1st of Spring

You don't get to do anything special other than going on top of the mountain and watch the sunrise. I believe the Fortuneteller will foretell your future, but, dont believe her.

Flower Festival 23rd of Spring

It's a day where you can buy perfumes for the girl you like, (they like specific perfumes and hates some. I believe Nina loves all 3 of them) buy a Snow Flower Seed from the Peddler, and dance with the girl you stalk.. I mean, love. Dont buy the things people sell (particularily the Shipping people.) and have fun. Besure to finish all of your farming business before coming to town and remember that the festival lasts til 3 pm.

[edit] Fall Festivals

Harvest Festival: 12th of Fall

You can bring something here and eat it. I suggest Fish, at least once at some point of the game, because you'll get a power berry. You can also bring a Moon Flower which blooms on 10, 11, and 12 of Fall on the mountain top. But DONT!! SELL THEM!!!! They're 600g. IF you cant find anything.. Bring an egg or a mushroom.

Egg Hunting Festival: 20th of Fall

The Mayor will show you an egg and you'll have to find it first and bring it to him. Save & Loading helps. If you win the first time you'll recieve a charm, I do not know if it really helps, but.. The second time you win you'll get a power berry.

[edit] Winter Festivals

Thanksgiving Festival: 10th of Winter

I think this is more like a Valentines day than a thanksgiving.. If you have a girl who has 3 or hearts they'll be waiting outside their houses to give you cake. If you have a wife, just GO HOME.

Star Night Festival: 24th of Winter

There are 5 places you can go to this night:

  • The spa at the mountain
  • The bar
  • The mountain top
  • The church
  • Town Square If you have a wife she'll tell you where she's going to be. But if you dont, you should ask the girl.

    [edit] Characters

    Let's talk about the characters of Harvest Moon.. There are many characters who'll play a important role throughout your game. But at the same time, most of them are useless...Let's talk about the people who at least play some kind of a role.

    • Carpenters

    They live in the mountains and they'll glady extend your house for a price and a huge amount of woods. They also give you tips and advices sometimes.

    • Eve's Grandfather:

    He lives in the mountains and I believe he's Ellen's worst enemy for he hunts animals which Ellen loves... I'm not serious though!

    • Fisherman:

    He lives by the pond (not the hotspring), and he'll lend you his fishing pole. If you catch a fish and throw it back in the pond, a pond spirit will give you a berry of power. You can eat the fish, or sell it for 300g. Bring fish for Fall festival where you put food in a gigantic pot, because you'll get a berry of power instead of some ol' stew.

    • Florist:

    Her shop is in the northeast of the town. She sells spring, summer seeds, grass seeds and shop-flower for 300g.. useless. There's a thing going on with the tool shop owner... She's the mother of Nina.

    • Mayor and his wife:

    They're.. well. Parents of Maria. Mayor is the mayor of the town, and he tells news about your parents in your 2nd summer. Their house can be found in northwest of the town.

    • Peddler:

    He(?) comes to the town every Saturday, and he's very important. He sells blue feathers, a key item when you want to marry a girl, and he also sells Winter Flower seed at Spring festivals, which can be planted during the winter at the top/peak of the mountain which will give you a berry of power. You can also sell poisonous mushrooms to him and he'll offer a high price for it. 300g?

    • Preacher and Preacher's .. kid:

    Preacher preaches in the church, and he can be easily found in the church, outside the church,.. w/e. The church can be found in northern part of the town, right of Mayor's house. He also visits you when your wife is giving bith, I believe. Preacher's son/kid thinks he's in love with Maria, but he always dances with Fortune Teller's girl at festivals.

    • Shipping Man:

    He collects all items in your shipping box at 5:00PM. Remember that - 5:00PM!!!

    • Tool Shop Owner:

    He sells various tools such as paint (you can get it after you extended your house twice), milker, brush.. etc. His house/shop can be found in the southern part of the town, south of the town square. He has crush on the Florist... He's the father of Ann.

    • Your BABY:

    Uh, your baby doesnt do anything other than the fact that he/she just lies around your house/farm and do absolutely nothing. Even if your baby is a girl, your wife will sometimes address her as a "he". He/She'll stay in your wife's arm, and in the little tiny bed, and after a while, he/she'll start to crawl, and later, he/she'll actually walk and wear a cow outfit thingie.. reminds me of Halloween.

    • Your wife:

    Depending on whom you marry, your wife will be different. But you must get home by 6:00PM or she'll.. SHE'LL!!!!! Sleep on her own without giving you any dinner. (yeah, I know, cruel.) You can find her in your farm doing something, or in Eve's case, she's in your tool house making drinks.. If you keep her happy for a long time, she'll get pregnant, and in one season, she'll have your baby. You can have more than one baby.

    [edit] Crops

    Crops are divided into Spring crops and Summer crops. You cannot harvest anything during the fall or winter, and that is the time for you to bond with your livestocks rather than tending to your non-existing crops...

    [edit] Spring Crops

    In spring, there are Turnips and Potatoes.


    Turnips will be the basic crop you'll grow in the beginning of the game. You can start out with a turnip and then start planting potatoes.

    Cost of one bag of Turnip from Shop: 200g Cost of one Turnip when selling: 60g Days it takes to grow: 4 days

    You'll need to plant turnips again after you harvest them.


    Potatoes are similar to turnips, but they're quite more tricky. But they worth more than turnips. It takes a longer time to grow, so while waiting for the potatoes to grow, you should plant turnips too.

    Cost of one bag of Potato from Shop: 200g Cost of one Potato when selling: 80g Days it takes to grow: 6 days

    You also need to replant potatoes after harvesting them.

    [edit] Summer Crops

    In summer, there are Tomatoes and Corns.


    Unlike Spring crops, summer crops takes a longer time to grow, but in exchange for that, they worth more than spring crops. Tomato worth less than Corn, but it grows faster than corn. You should have tomatoes as well as corns since you can harvest tomatoes while in waiting for corns to fully grow for you to harvest them. Summer crops are also more expensive when you buy them from the shop, but you do not need to replant them.

    Cost of one bag of Tomato from Shop: 300g Cost of one Tomato when selling: 100g Days it takes to grow: 10 days

    You wont need to replant them. Just keep watering them even after you harvest them.


    Corns take forever to grow. But once you get them to harvest, they'll be your most favorite crops of the game.

    Cost of one bag of Corn from Shop: 300g Cost of one Corn when selling: 120g Days it takes to grow: 13 days

    You do not need to replant them. Keep watering them.

    [edit] Animals

    The animals in this game are helpful, but they need to be taken care of with love and kindness. Also, there isn't as many as there is in most Harvest Moon games, but there are enough to get you by, and of course the classic animals are avaliable.

    [edit] Chickens

    Chickens will probably the first livestock you'll ever own. You'll be able to buy it for a good 1,000 golds. Unfortunately you cannot buy an egg and hatch it. You'll need grass to be able to buy any livestock. It's one fodder for each chicken you have. Be sure to aim the fodder directly inside the bin, or you'll just waste your fodder. Everyday you feed your chicken, they will lay you an egg. If you dont feed your chicken it will not lay any for 2 straight days and you have to feed it even if it's not giving you any.

    If you decide to not sell your egg away from 50g, you can hatch it by putting it in the nest at the bottom right corner of your chicken coop. It takes 3 days to hatch and the chick needs 7 days to grow into a hen and start laying eggs. You do not need to feed your chicks.. Which is convinient. Eggs are great gifts since you can get them everyday (if you feed your chickens), every season.

    If you want to buy a chicken it's 1000g. You might be considering to sell your chickens away when you realize you have too many chickens and want to get rid of them. It's 500g when you sell them. Remember, if you want to sell any of your livestocks, you have to go to the Livestock Shop and tell the owner to come over to your farm and then you pick up your chicken and place your chicken to the place located next to your shipping box front of your house. It means you cannot sell your livestocks on weekends and holidays. You can't sell them on rainy days either.

    [edit] Cows

    Cows are the most highly-hard-to-maintain-livestock. It's not as hard as it sounds though. It just gets a little bit out of control if you have over 10.

    Cows gives you milk. But they dont lay milk unlike chickens.

    Not only it costs you 5000g to buy a cow, but you need a reasonable amount of fodders, a milker 1800g, a brush 800g, which increases the affection of your cows, and 21 days for you to wait for your cow to grow and start giving you milk.

    When you first buy your cow, it is not in the mature state for it to give you milk.

    Ways to increase Affection:
    You might not care about whether your cow likes you or not.. But it does matter. Depending on how much your cows love you, the size of the milk they give you varies, and the more they like you, the more milk they give you.

    1) Everytime you talk to your cow it is worth 3 points
    2) Brushing is worth 1 point

    Remember you can only make them happy with brushing and talking once a day. You can talk, and brush them as many times as you want, but beware it wont do you any good but wasting your stamina...

    She'll show you a happy smile with her ears and tail wagging.

    One pointer, do not leave your cow outside.. even if you get a bell.. Yeah, sure its easier for you, since you dont have to feed it, but if bad weather comes, you have to go through the trouble of calling it back to the indoor.. And they never listen carefully. So dont ever leave them outside, it's alot easier for you to control them.

    And make sure you feed them everyday and not attack them with your tools. Otherwise they will get sick and you have to buy 1000g worth of medicine to help it back to health again.

    Milking your cow
    When you first buy your cow, she isnt fully developed enough to start producing milk. So the only thing you can do with her is talking with her, and brushing her.

    But when she's old enough, you can start milking her. You can do any order you want to, but here's how most of the people does it:

    1) Have a brush, and a milker
    2) Talk to your cow
    3) Brush your cow first
    4) Then milk her

    There are levels of milk:

    • Milk (S) 150G
    • Milk (M) 250G
    • Milk (L) 350G

    Do not give away milk as gifts! SELL THEM!

    Baby cows
    You can get another cow by two ways.
    One is buying it again from the shop (5000g), or buy the Mircale Potion (4000g), use it on your adult cow who gives milk, and wait 21 days for the new calf to be born.

    People say that it is waste of time to pregant your cows since it takes 4000g to buy the impregnant tool, 21 days for the calf to be born, and you have to wait more it to be a baby cow (the same old cow you get from livestock shope. Remember, when you buy it from the shop, it's not as the same one as the one that's born by impregnating your adult cow), and another 21 days for it to be an adult.
    HOW MUCH?!?
    The expenses you spend on your cows are.. well very great. But once you get your cows to start giving you milks, it's so much better than wasting your time with Chickens and Crops.

    If you want to sell your cow, here's the pricing:

    Adult Cow

    • 5000G (small milk)
    • 8000G (medium milk)
    • 10000G (large milk)

    You can only sell adult cows and their price varies by how big their milks are.

    [edit] Dogs

    You get your dog on the second day of the game from Ellen. She says her parents own a restaurant and she cannot keep a dog. It can fight off wild dogs and ... moles apparently. Your dog cannot die, even in hurricanes, rain, and other natural disaster. I suggest leaving him outside of your house because he'll keep your fences safe. Your livestocks wont like your dog so do not place your dog next to them.. You can call your dog with R key.

    [edit] Horses

    Ponies! You first encounter your very own horse in the first day of the first winter. You cannot ride him just yet, but after 21 days or so, you can ride him. You can also put things you want to sell by putting in his bag, which is.. attached to him (the tool shop owner will come and give it to you), and make sure the horse does not move while you're doing it, because if he does, your precious crops/things you wanted to sell will be thrown onto the ground. It's like putting things in the shipping box, but you can ride him! And you can also call him with L key.

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