Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands

Game Infobox
Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands
Developer(s)Marvelous Interactive
Publisher(s)Marvelous Interactive
Genre(s)Farm Simulation
Mode(s)Single Player
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)Japan: February 21, 2008
USA: November 10, 2009
Europe: TBA


[edit] Background

Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands is the sequel to Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. Known as Bokujō Monogatari: Kira Kira Taiyō to Nakama Tachi in Japan, HM:SI is the seventh game in the Harvest Moon series made specifically for the Nintendo DS. As with many of the games in the Harvest Moon series, it focuses on maintaining a ranch and getting married. Players familiar with HM:IoH will find many similarities between the two games.

[edit] Differences from Island of Happiness

Despite being the sequel to Island of Happiness, there are some major differences between them. While Island of Happiness took place on one island known as Sunny Island, Sunshine Islands takes place on a whole string of islands. Many random events that weren't included in Island of Happiness were added, and the heart events system has taken a step back from Island of Happiness' 96 different versions, having only 4 heart events for each marriage candidate. The farm degree system has become more complex, having six different categories (fishing, mining, cooking, crops, animals, and "others") that add up together to present your overall farm degree.

The minor differences include 2 new marriage candidate, Will and Lily, for Chelsea and Mark respectively. There are also two versions of the animals you can have, albeit only a palette swap.

[edit] Story

A long time ago, the Sunshine Islands were devastated by a powerful earthquake. The impact of the earthquake was so powerful that it sunk many of the islands. It's up to you to find the precious sunstones needed to raise the sunken islands. As you raise the islands you'll meet many interesting characters, harvest new crops, and befriend wild animals. Perhaps you'll even fall in love and start a family of you're own!

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