Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

English cover-art of Harvest Moon: MFoMT.


[edit] Basic Information

Console: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Marvelous Entertainment
Developer: Marvelous Entertainment
Theme(s): Anime
Perspective(s): Isometric

Release Date Info:

North America: Jul 26, 05
Japan: Dec 12, 03

[edit] Background

More Friends of Mineral Town is simply the girl version of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. The characters are all the same, of course you marry the boys this time, and there are no new animals. But there is one thing, after buying the mirror you can change the color of your overalls as often as you'd like! Glitches in FoMT have been removed in this version, and there are secret bachelors as well!

[edit] Storyline

Once there was a girl who was bored of city life, and wished for more excitement than going to work every day. One day she sees a newspaper ad describing a peaceful life on a farm. She immediately takes up the offer, and calls the realtors. When she arrives she sees that it's just a wasteland that used to be a farm. The Mayor calls her a city slicker. Our little farmer is enraged and attacks him with a hammer. When she does stop, she says she'll take up the challenge, and make this wasteland the greatest farm ever! Now it's up to you to create a farm and find someone to share your adventure with.

[edit] Features

  • Choose the option of wearing six different outfits
  • Have the opportunity to get married and continue on with your character's life
  • Five girls from Friends of Mineral Town will return and become your rivals
  • Own animals, like a horse, a dog, sheep, and many more!
  • Much more dishes, recipes, and anything else to make living such an incredible blast!

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