Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

Gamecube Version of the Box


[edit] Background

Magical Melody (MM) is yet another installment in the ever-growing and ever-changing world of Harvest Moon. While there are many games for each of the many consoles available, this one is played on the Gamecube. Players will begin their farming life with nothing but a small house, old heavy tools, and little money, eventually branching out to make friends, raise livestock, and even start their own family. There are plenty of bachelors and bachelorettes to choose from when searching for that "significant other," eventually getting married and having a child which you can name yourself. Friends will move in and out of the village, something that you alone control depending on your relationships with them. As if that wasn't enough, you can take a break from your farming experience and head down the the mines to dig up some special stones and ores, which will be useful in your farming life. From start to finish, Magical Melody refreshes itself constantly with its many features and themes.

[edit] Storyline

As much as the Harvest Goddess tried to help the village grow and prosper, she came to a sad realization: people simply didn't care anymore. As a result, she turned herself to stone. In order to bring her back, care and love must be brought back to the village. Hidden in events and certain good deeds around the town, each Musical Note brings you one step closer to unleashing the Harvest Goddess. Beware, you're not the only one set out to save her! Jamie, a boy/girl (depending on your own gender) owns a farm as well, and competes with you each day to see who can save the Harvest Goddess first.

[edit] Features

  • Purchase land around the town
  • Own up to three houses
  • Move any of your three houses to any piece of land that you own
  • Choose from 10 bachelors or bachelorettes
  • Own up to 5 chickens and 16 cows/sheep/horses
  • Use things you grow or collect in recipes
  • Go to the mines
  • Get married and later have a child
  • Plant your crops anywhere in the entire village
  • Plant trees anywhere in the entire village
  • Visit the secret island
  • Befriend animals around the village
  • Watch new shops open and close around the village
  • Compete with Jamie to see who can sell the most things in one day
  • Compete and participate in festivals of every type
  • Collect Items using them for Cooking, Shipping and Presents.
Wii Version of the Box

[edit] Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii)

Magical Melody (Wii) is nearly the exact same as the Gamecube version. The only things setting these two games apart is the use of the Wiimote in HM:HH(Wii), and the fact that in the Wii version you can not play as a girl. Also, the villager's likes and dislikes have a minor change.

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