Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness
Developer(s)Marvelous Entertainment
Publisher(s)Marvelous Entertainment (JP)
Natsume (NA)
Genre(s)Fantasy RPG
Mode(s)Single Player
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)Japan: February 1, 2007
USA: August 26, 2008
Europe: December 12, 2008

[edit] Storyline

Work with your friends to create a farm on a deserted island in this entry of the popular farming game. Choose from a male or female character and begin the game as you arrive on a island following a disaster at sea. Joining you is the old timer Taro, his daughter Felica, and her two children, Natalie and Elliot, both of whom are marriage candidates. The island offers some hints that it may have been inhabited in the past, but it now seems to be deserted.

Working with your fellow refugees, your first order of business is to create a farm. As you build up your farm, people who have an interest in the farming business move on over to the island. These people then open up shops and facilities, contributing to the island's development and giving you new areas to explore and new people to speak with. You can also become friends with members of the opposite sex, conversing regularly and giving presents with the ultimate goal of getting married and possibly even having a child! Be careful though, if you ignore certain people for a certain amount of days, they may move out and you won't see them again!

[edit] Gameplay

1. Unlike many other Harvest Moon DS games, the directional pad, the top screen, is not used to control movement but to use your tools. Pressing up will equip the hammer, pressing right will use your fishing pole, and so on depending on the order of what tools you've set up for each button in your rucksack.

2. Now because the top screen on the Nintendo DS is already being used for the rucksack, items, objects, etc the bottom screen is souly used for movement of your character by using your stylus to move like in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

3. The Accessory system from Harvest Moon DS appears to be in this version as well, since you can purchase a Beauty Box from Chen, the traveling merchant. That might mean there are also no Power Berries in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

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