Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

The English cover of Friends of Mineral Town.


[edit] Background

Get ready to build and maintain a successful farm without letting it going to disaster. Make friends with the townsfolk. Do anything you want, follow your own path, and do things your way to achieve your goal. Marry the woman of your dreams and start a family! Grow and harvest crops! Create an adventure! Also with the ability to link up between Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life's "Forget-me-not Valley", get ready for new surprises.

[edit] General Information

Genre: RPG
Developer: Natsume
Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Info
North America: Oct 14, 03
Japan: Apr 18, 03
Australia: Apr 21, 06

[edit] Story

Once your family decides to vacation in Mineral town.You wander on your own and get lost. You reach a farm run by a old man and he allows you to stay there while your parents find you.Your parents find you and they ask the farmer if they can stay here for the vacations, the old man willingly agrees saying that he will have some company.You have a time of your life playing there.The time comes for you to go and you promise the Old man that you will exchange letters.A long time has passed and you have not yet received any letters from the Old man.You decide to visit the farm and find out.After you reach there you hear that the Old man has passed away and left you the farm in his will! So now you are in-charge of the farm.

[edit] Features

  • Revisit the Popular World of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature!
  • All of Your Old Friends will be there!
  • Pursue your favorite bachelorette and get married!
  • New Events and Mini-Games!
  • Raise Animals, Grow Vegetables, and Make Friends!
  • Traditional Harvest Moon Game Play with many new Surprises!

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