Girls (StH)

A picture of the young girls in Save the Homeland. (from left to right) Dia, Gina, Gwen, Katie, and Lyla.

Unfortunately you can't get married in this game. You can still woo the girls and get them to like you though! In fact, it's essential in order to complete certain endings.

Dia is the only daughter of a wealthy family. She is very studious and ways thought that she had to be the 'good girl'. All she really wants though is some independence. She might be cold at first but just keep give her blue berries, even if she asks whether it is edible or no, keep giving her blue berries at all cost! Her birthday is Winter 9th.

Gina is a 17 year old maid. She is quite shy and doesn't make friends very easily. She works with her Grandmother as a maid. For gifts you should give her berries, eggs, fish, or flowers. Her birthday is Fall 20th.

Gwen is 18 years old and is very strong-minded. She loves animals very very much, and will never forgive you if you mistreat them. At first she may seem cold but she's actually very kind. For a gift you can give her homemade jam of any type or simply give her the very berry jam, she likes it; "...a lot". Her birthday is Summer 8th.

Katie is Wallace's grandaughter and works at his teahouse. She hates being treated differently than the other girls just because she's the youngest (16). Her birthday is Fall 29th and she loves Full Moon Berries, cheeses and eggs.

Lyla owns the Flower Shop in the village. She likes sweet things and flowers. She is 22 and her birthday is Spring 27th. It's very hard to tell what she's feeling though, because a large smile is always spread across her face. She loves the pink flowers, just so you know...

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