Girls (HM64)

These are the five girls you can marry in the game. Each one is different, and it will take some work to get them to like you!

You can tell how much a girl likes you by the heart in the corner of their speech box. There are five different colours.

White - indifferent Blue - interested (just friends) Green - flirtatious Red - in love

In order to get married you must have a kitchen. If you have a kitchen, and one of these ladies likes you a red heart, a blue feather will be up for sale at Rick's shop. All you have to do is show it to the girl you like. Remember, the girl has to have a red heart.

It's also not wise to get married as soon as a girl likes you. Wait until you've gotten all of the girl's photos before you take the plunge and ask for your girl's hand.



[edit] Ann

Birthday: Summer 14th
Likes: Corn, wool, and animals
Ann can be found: In Green Ranch field In front of Karen's house By the climbing tree In the Goddess Lake area Inside the barn
Starry Night Location: The Church
Fireworks Location: Green Ranch
New Year's Eve Location: The Bar
Where she falls: Outside the ranch on the road.
Photo: During winter, if she has a yellow heart, she'll ask you to come see a special bunny with her.
Ann lives at the Green Ranch with her father and brother. She is very outgoing and witty. She is also best friends with Karen. Ann's mother died when she was little, but she doesn't talk about it much. This girl also loves animals, particularly horses and your dog. If you mistreat your animals she'll never forgive you. She likes to knit and cook, but unfortunately she isn't very good at either. He brother often jokes about how terrible her food is.


[edit] Elli

Birthday: Fall 1st
Likes: Milk, eggs, and fish
Elli can be found: Bakery Flower Shop Mountain Beach
Starry Night Location: The church
Fireworks Location: Near bakery
New Year's Eve Location: The church
Where she falls: Near the river in the mountain
Photo: If you have her at a yellow heart she will come to your farm. You will then do an event with her with moondrop flowers.
Elli is very nice and loves fishing and baking. She's just overall a very sweet person. She works at the bakery and loves when you buy their cakes.


[edit] Karen

Birthday: Winter 29th
Likes: Any kind of berries
Karen can be found: Vineyard Near Carpenter's shop in mountain The bar At the beach
Starry Night Location: The bar
Fireworks Location: The beach
New Year's Eve Location: The bar
Where she falls: By the tree in the vineyard. It's in the far back right of the property.
Photo: See the 'Restoring the Vineyard' section. Karen is quite rude when you first meet her. As you talk to her and get to know her she becomes a lot nicer. She wants to live in the city, so if you don't become friends with her she'll leave.


[edit] Maria

Birthday: Winter 11th
Likes: Cabbage, bugs, and you visiting the library
Maria can be found: Library Mountain Fisherman's pond Church
Starry Night Location: Church
Fireworks Location: Town square
New Year's Eve Location: The church
Where she falls: In the library
Photo: If you have her at a yellow heart in the fall then she will invite you to see some fireflies.
Maria is very shy at first, but she really opens up once you get to know her. She's the mayor's daughter and works at the library. She's hard to woo but she's an awesome girl.


[edit] Popuri

Birthday: Spring 22nd
Likes: All flowers
Popuri can be found: Outside flower shop Mountains Green Ranch
Starry Night Location: Church
Fireworks Location: Mountain summit
New Year's Eve Location: ?
Where she falls: By the tree outside the entrance of the mountain cave
Photo: After you buy and grow the blue mist flower you'll get this picture taken.
Popuri is a very nice girl. She loves flowers a lot. This makes her easy to woo because all you need to do is give her flowers from the mountain. Her mother owns the flower shop and her father is a botanist.

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