Generations (RF2)

[edit] Generations

In Rune Factory 2, there are 2 generations throughout the gameplay. You start off as Kyle in generation 1. Generation 1 is based mostly on romance, courtship and marriage. Most of the action doesn't kick in until generation 2, after you've had your child and built a school.

Eligible bachelorettes are Mana, Rosalind, Cecilia, Julia, Dorothy, Yue and Alicia. Other characters in the first generation are Byron, Barrett, Gordon, Cammy, Egan, Jake, Herman, Max, Natalie, Ray, Douglas, Tanya, and Roy. Throughout the first generation you generally focus on the requests given at the request board, with many of the heart events triggered by requests. Once a bachelorette reaches 10 hearts and you've married her, you can have a child. When you build the school for the child and walk up to it, you will then enter generation 2.

[edit] Second Generation

The second generation starts off 8 years later and you play as your child, whether female or male. Your job is to find out what happened to your father. You can "re-marry", only, it won't be a real marriage. Other children in the village will be Orland (Jake and Cecilia's child), Leonel (Dorothy and Barrett's child), Leeann (Julia and Max's child), and Sera and Serena (Rosalind and Ray's twins). If Kyle marries one of these brides, Yue will marry the bachelor instead. The second generation is quite different from the first in that it is where most of the gameplay actually takes place. You are now able to sneak past the fences in the 4 seasonal dungeons and many other things that could not have been done as an adult.

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