Gathering different items in the mountains will be you main source of income during the start of the game, and will later provide a nice source of pocket change and stamina restoring items. The items to forage change during the different seasons. The following is a complete list.


[edit] Spring Items

1. Edible Herbs: Found- Cave, area near the fisherman's tent

         Selling Price: 30 gold       Gift Rating (1-10): 2
    These herbs taste good, and can be a snack. Since they only sell for 30 gold, it won't do damage to forfeit them for stamina. 
    To find them, look around the fisherman's tent, and in the cave.

2. Veryberry Fruit: Found- Fisherman's Tent Area, Grove, Spring

         Selling Price: 40 gold     Gift Rating: 4
    The Verrberries are found in many places. They are very popular with the vineyard workers.

3. Medical Herbs: Found- Cave

         Selling Price: 70 gold     Gift Rating: 5
    While they don't taste good, they are very useful when it comes to making medicine. The owner of the Potion Shop 
    will especially like receiving these, and they grow from spring to Fall.

4. Flowers: Found- Fisherman's Tent Area, Grove

         Gift Rating: 9
   Flowers are everywhere in the grove, and you can find some near the fisherman's tend too. They make really good gifts for 
   all the girls, but specially Popuri. They can be found in summer as well as spring.

5. Fish: Found- River, Pond

        Selling Price- Small: 30g      Medium: 100g      Large: 180g     Gift Rating: 7
    Fish can be worth it, or not, depending on the time it takes, and what size fish you catch, though you can't depend 
    on the fish fore you never know how long it will take to catch, and what size fish you catch. It is recommended you fish 
    only when you are not pressed for money and time. You can fish from Spring - Fall.


1. Walnuts: Found- River Shore, Carpenter's House Area

         Selling Price: 70 gold             Gift Rating: 5
    Walnuts make nice gifts for the townsfolk. Though they make good gifts, they aren't as good as Tropical Fruits, and 
    sell for more, so sell these.

2. Tropical Fruits: Found- Spring Area, Carpenter's House Area

         Selling Price- 40 gold          Gift Rating: 6
    Tasty fruits that make good gifts. Sell or gift these.

[edit] FALL ITEMS:

1. Poison Mushroom: Found- Carpenter's House Area

         Selling Price- 30 gold         Gift Rating: 1
    Can be sold, but make very bad gifts.

2. Wild Grapes: Found- Carpenter's House Area, Spring Area

         Selling Price- 40 gold             Gift Rating: 6
    The sell decently, but make very good gifts with Kai and Karen, as well as with the other townsfolk.

3. Mushrooms: Found- Fisherman's Tent Area, Carpenter's House Area

             Selling Price- 70 gold               Gift Rating: 5
    Unlike their poison relatives, these mushrooms make a nice little 70 gold, as well as decent gifts.


Note: Nothing can be foraged in the winter, nor grown (unless you have the [greenhouse]), so the mine is the only place to go.

1. Coin: Found- Mine

        Worth: 10 gold
    You can't actually keep these, but they add an instant 10 gold to your money.

2. Iron Stone: Found- Mine

        Selling rice: 100 gold
    These are worth the least out of the stones, but can be found in the mine often, making up for the price.

3. Moonlight Stone: Found- Mine

        Selling Price: 500 gold
    This crystal-clear stone is a big step up from the iron stone in prices, but sadly, in rarity as well.

4. Blue Stone: Found- Mine

        Selling Price: 700 gold
    A nice blue stone that can be found in the mines worth a hefty 700 gold. Rick is looking for some of these blue stones as well.

5. Rare Minerals: Found- Mine

        Selling Price: 1000 gold
    These stones are worth the most at an impressive 1000 gold.

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