Fishing - Sunshine Islands

Fishing in Sunshine Islands is very much like fishing in Island of Happiness: You cast your rod, wait for a "!" to appear over your characters head, and withdraw your rod. Unlike Island of Happiness, some of the actions you make count towards your Fishing Degree. Try to get your Fishing Degree as high as you can, since some fish can only be caught when you have a certain amount of Fish Points. The list of actions and Fish Points gained goes as follows:

  • +1: Cast you rod into a body of water.
  • +2: Ship an item you have fished up.
  • +5: Catch a fish.
  • +15: Catch a species of fish you haven't caught before.
  • +100: Catch a Fish King; Participate in the Fish Contest.
  • +500: Win 3rd place in the Fish Contest.
  • +700: Win 2nd place in the Fish Contest.
  • +1000: Win 1st place in the Fish Contest.

If you have a Bottle, you will earn more Fish Points. The number of Fish Points you can get from the bottle depend on the number of Bottles you have and the year ingame you're in. You can determine the number of points you'll get by multiplying the number of Bottles you have times the year you're in the game.

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