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Keep track of the fish you catch. Just a simple tally chart of how many of each type. That’s because there’re some fish you can only catch once you’ve got a certain amount of another fish, and the game doesn’t keep track for you. Never throw trash back into the sea, or onto the ground. Throw it in the bin, or give it to Mary (she’s studying it). That’s because there’s only a certain amount of trash in the game, so as you clear it you’re more likely to get fish. If you don’t throw it in the bin (the one in the square) it will work it’s way back to the sea and you’ll end up fishing it out again.

  • Angler
    Where: Ocean when it's Winter
    How: Fish somewhere between 10 PM-8 AM
  • Carp
    Where: Mother's Hill Lake
    How: You must have the other 5 fish to get this fish
  • Catfish
    Where: Winter Mine Lake
    How: In Winter, fish at the Winter's Mine
  • Char
    Where: River or Waterfall
    How: You must have Grilled Fish, Sashimi and Sushi recipes
  • Sea Beam
    Where: Ocean in Spring, Fall or Winter
    How: You must have sold more than 200 fish
  • Squid
    Where: Ocean in Summer
    How: You must throw a small fish in the ocean as bait

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