Fishing (IoH

Fishing is one of the many ways to make a decent profit in the game. Some of the characters even accept the things you fish up happily! Before you can fish, you need to have a fishing rod. The only way to get one is to befriend Taro. He will give you one when you are at 2000 FP with him. Once you have one, just equip it, head to a body of water, and cast your rod. When you're character gets an exclamation point over their head, withdraw your rod. There are four bodies of water that are home to fish and other items. They are the Goddess Pond, the Ocean, and the two streams on the island.

[edit] Fish

Some fish can only be found in certain areas. As the seasons go by, you'll find yourself catching different kinds of fish. Some fish are available to catch all year round, while others are only to be found in certain seasons. A special kind of fish, known as the King Fish, cannot be put in your rucksack. It's such a rare find, that after you catch it, you throw it back into the water.

Fish also come in different sizes. The three sizes are small, medium, and large. Fish that are under 50 cm will be labeled "Fish (S)". Fish that are between 50 cm and 1 meter will be labeled "Fish (M)". Fish that are over 1 meter will be labeled "Fish (L)".

[edit] Other Items

Fish aren't the only things you can catch! Sometimes you'll catch worthless items, like Sticks, or treasures, like the correctly named Pirate Treasure. The non-fish items you can catch are Fish Fossil, Stick, Pirate Treasure, Empty Can, Bottle, Fish Bone, and Rubber Boot.

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