Fishing (HMFoMT)

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Fishing can be good for making money, but it is not the best source. You can sell fish, cook or eat them. To fish you need to equip your pole then stand next to the water. After the hook goes and you see the bobber on the surface and when you jerk press the B button to reel it in. Sometimes you will catch garbage instead of fish.

You will catch different fish depending on what level your fishing pole is and where you are fishing.

Fish Price:Small Fish - 50G Medium Fish - 120G Large Fish - 200G.

King Fish:King fish are the legendary fish. They are so large that when you catch one you are not allowed to take it with you. Instead you will get a print of it. Also you need to meet certain requirements before you can just go out and catch them. The first one is to get a cursed or blessed fishing pole. NameTwisted RequirmentTwisted Where/When ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Catfish ~None~ Waterfall/Winter Monkfish~ None~ Sea,/Spring,Winter/10pm-8am Jp.Hutchen~ Cook sushi,samishi and grilled fish~ Downstram/Any Carp~ Ship 200 fish~ Lake/Spring, summer, autumn Squid ~ Throw in a small fish as bait~ Sea/Anytime Coelancanth~ Catch the other king fish first~In the pond on the 9th floor in the Winter mine~ Winter

Normal Fish:Name/ Season/ Location Rock Trout~ Spr,Win~ Sea Scad ~ Spr,Sum,Aut~ Sea Fatminnow ~ All ~ Lake,Upstream Cherry Salmon ~ Sum,Aut~ Lake,Upstream Pigfish ~ Spr,Sum ~ Sea Sardine ~ All~ Sea Moutain Trout~ Spr,Sum,Aut~ Upstream Whitefish ~ All ~ Downstream,Waterfall Eel Sum ~Aut~ Downstream Bitterling~ All ~Downstream Bonito~ Sum,Aut~ Sea Fluke ~ Aut,Win ~ Sea Filefish ~ Win ~ Sea Golden Carp~ Spr,Sum,Aut~ Downstream,Waterfall, Silver Carp~ Spr,Sum,Aut~ Downstream,Waterfall Kelp Bass~ Aut,Win ~ Sea Bighead ~ All ~Downstream Salmon ~ Sum,Aut ~ Downstream Mackeral~ Aut,Win~ Sea Needlefish ~ Spr ~ Sea Sp. Mackeral ~ Spr,Win~ Sea Saury Pike~ Aut ~Sea Dorado~ Spr,Sum,Aut~ Sea Red Snapper~ Spr,Sum,Autc~ Sea Cad ~ Win~ Sea Roach~ Spr,Aut~ Downstream Brown Hackeling~ Win,Sum~ Downstream Rainbow Trout~ All~ Lake,Upstream Silver Carp~ All~ Downstream Sandfish ~ Win ~ Sea Flounder ~ All ~ Sea Blowfish ~ Win ~Sea Black Bass ~ Spr,Sum,Aut ~ All But Sea Yellowtail ~ Sum,Win ~ Sea Bluegill ~ Spr,Sum,Aut ~ All But Sea Crucian Carp ~All ~ Lake,Waterfall Greenling~ Win,Spr~ Sea Tuna~ All~ Sea Ocean Sunfish ~Spr,Sum,Aut ~ Sea Lionfish~ All~ Sea Rockfish~ Spr,Aut~ Sea Lake Salmon Spr,Aut Upstream Snakehead~ Sum,Aut~ Downstream,Waterfall Lake Smelt~ Win ~ Downstream,Waterfall

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