[edit] Fishing

Like many games in the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series, Rune Factory Frontier includes a special mini-game like feature called Fishing. Fishing may not feel as important for income or cooking in the beginning due to the easy to get crops from farming and war trophies from battling, but during the winter when crops do not grow, it passes time and puts a good amount of gold towards your total.

[edit] Getting the Fishing Pole

Getting the fishing pole is simple and can be done in the first season of the game. Just follow this order:

  • On the 7th of Spring, or any day past that, enter the clock tower.
  • Find and talk with Kanno.
  • Keep talking with Kanno until he tells you that he needs someone to make food for him and that his granddaughters are coming to help. He will also tell you to meet them outside.
  • Leave the clocktower and cutscene will occur introducing Cinnamon, a bachelorette, and Candy, her sister.
  • Although this doesn't have to be done, if you speak to Cinnamon she will tell you her interests are constellations and fishing.
  • Wait until an afternoon on a clear day.
  • Go to homestead and walk around the rivers until you see Cinnamon fishing.
  • Talk to Cinnamon until she gives you the fishing pole.

[edit] How to Fish

To fish, simply find a body of water and cast your rod. Wait for the fish to bite. You know you've got a fish when Raguna starts jumping around. When the bar hits either the blue or the green bar, pull the Wii remote or press A.

  • When you pull, or press A, and the moving line is at the red part of the bar, you won't catch anything.
  • When the line stops at the blue part of the bar, you catch a fish, but it's in a relatively low level.
  • When the line stops at the green part, you catch a high-leveled type of fish.

[edit] Finding Fish

There are two main factors that effect catching fish. You should make sure to pay attention to these factors if you are trying to catch a certain type of fish. These two factors are:

  • Area: The area includes any body of water such as the river, pond, waterfall, lake, and ocean. Some fish can be found in more then one body of water, but usually each has their own.
  • Season: The season in which you are in also effects which fish can be caught. Most fiah can be caught in more then one season however, but its important to know this when going after a certain type.

[edit] Rune Wonder

If you go to Candy, Cinnamon's sister, who is usually located in the Clock Tower or outside of Mist's house, you can ask her to perform a Rune Wonder called "Fish Day". By trading the needed Runneys, Candy will make fish bite more and catching them easier for one day. This can be good for catching multiple fish in one day with little RP consumtion and should get you plenty of cooking materials or gold.

[edit] Levels

Like most items, fish have a level. The higher the level, the more they can be sold for. To get a higher leveled fish, pull or press A when the line is in the green part of the bar. Pulling is recommended more than pressing A, since pulling the Wii remote makes it stop faster.

[edit] Major Fishing Locations

Here are some of the major fishing locations.

  • Lake poli.
  • Beach.
  • River beside your farm.
  • Town square.

[edit] Not so Major fishing locations

These are locations where you can fish but arent that Big locations.

  • Where you fill your watering cans.
  • Where you got the hammer.
  • Any where you can fill your watering can.
  • In the tiny hole on lake poli in winter.

[edit] Fish

This is a list of Fish and where and when they can be caught.(incomplete)


Black Fish


Bonito Fish











-Stream, Town Square, Mist's Pond




Pale Carp

Red Salmon



Lake Poli 




Pond Smelt

Green Ruins 

-Bottom Floor:

Dye Trout

Lamp Squid

Lover Snapper


Lava Ruins 

-Bottom Floor:

Dye Trout

Fall Fish

Lamp Squid



Snow Ruins 

-Bottom Floor:

Fall Fish

Glitter Snapper


Sun Squid

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