Festivals and Other Events (RFF)

A festival in Rune Factory Frontier
Rune Factory Frontier is packed full of different Festivals and events that have certain requirements that must be filled before you can see them.


[edit] Festivals

Festivals make the game more lively and add to the list of things to do in any Harvest Moon game. They're a good way to get new items, impress a girl you like, or simply have fun. Trampoli isn't very festive, but maybe you can find special events on your own? All festivals officially start at 9:00AM in game time.

Name of the Festival Season Day Description
New Year's Festival Spring 1 Celebrate the New Year. Rice cakes are the present of choice.
Sainte-Coquille Festival Spring 19 Test your knowledge of cooking
Foliage Festival Spring 29 Give flowers to those you owe thanks to.
Beach Opening Summer 1 Start your summer at the beach. Don't forget your bathing suit!
Ganesha Cup Boat Race Summer 25 May the best sailor in town win
Pumpkin Festival Summer 30 Everyone put on a pumpkin mask. Started by someone who was saved by a pumpkin-headed monster.
Harvest Festival Autumn 13 A time of thanks. Give veggies to people you're indebted to.
Coming of Age Day Autumn 25 There is an annual treasure hunt to commemorate the day.
Sun and Surf Autumn 29 Give hot milk to warm up the people you love.
Quiz Contest Winter 7 Test your knowledge against others and come out on top.
Hotpot Convention Winter 19 Everyone in town brings an ingredient for one gigantic hotpot.
Year End Festival Winter 30 Reflect on the past year and prepare for the next.

[edit] Birthdays

After you've befriended a person enough, they'll tell you when their birthday is. The birthday will be marked on your calendar for you to remember. The gift you give them on their birthday will have increased effects, so give them something they like. Each character has a birthday aside from Raguna.

Date Character Loves Likes
Spring 2 Kross Cat's Tail Warrior Symbol
Spring 8 Nolan Wine Strawberry
Spring 11 Melody Relax Tea Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Orange Grass, Charm Blue Flower
Spring 17 Brodik Apple Pie N/A
Spring 22 Turner Great Swimsuit Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore
Spring 26 Cinnamon Magic Crystal Any Fish
Spring 27 Candy Any Juice Apple Pie
Summer 6 Danny Silver Fine Cloth
Summer 8 Bianca N/A N/A
Summer 13 Lute Chocolate Milk
Summer 15 Uzuki Golden Hairpin Sashimi, Any Fish
Summer 23 Erik Garlic Strawberry, Pineapple
Summer 27 Stella 4 Leaf Clover Toy Flower
Autumn 1 Mist Emery Flower Turnips, Steam Bun, Any Cake, Baked Apple
Autumn 3 Selphy Sandwich Rice Ball, Baked Rice Ball
Autumn 8 Kanno Magic Powder Any Cake
Autumn 12 Tabatha Milk Gruel Flour, Apple
Autumn 17 Eunice Mont Blanc Any Cake, Any Flower, Cheesecake
Autumn 21 Rosetta Cherry Pie Strawberry, Hot Milk
Winter 1 Lara Chocolate Cake Strawberry, French Toast, Hot Cakes, Any Jam
Winter 4 Annette Pumpkin Tart Milk, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Chocolate Pudding, Cherry, Orange
Winter 8 Ganesha Demon Blood Any Ore
Winter 15 Minerva Failed Dish N/A
Winter 22 Rita Wine, Any Accessory Cheap Bracelet
Winter 23 Iris Blanche Tomato Juice Any Flower
Winter 23 Iris Noire Tomato Juice Any Flower
Winter 29 Marco Any Curry Recipe Curry Powder

[edit] Other Events

[edit] Missing Scriptures

Get Stella to 4FP and then talk to her. She'll ask you to get her scriptures from Lara. Go find Lara who will send you to Selphy. When Selphy is at 6LP, she'll admit to leaving the scriptures in the bath house. Ask Melody if you can get the scriptures, and she will tell you to come on a rainy holiday. Go to the bath house during business hours on a rainy holiday, not festival, and she will allow you to enter the woman's side of the bath to retrieve the scriptures. Give them back to Stella.

[edit] A Great Weapon

When you have reached level 30 in forging, talk to Ganesha. She will say that you are her new rival. After that she will send you request mail. Give the items she asks for to Annette. When you are at level 90 Ganesha will give you a very strong sword.

[edit] Second Child

After your wife is pregnant, talk to Turner and Rita on a festival day while they are on the pier. They will tell you that they want another child. A month later talk to Rita to find out she is pregnant, and two months later she will have a baby.

[edit] Turner's Alcohol

Give wine to Turner while he's working at the inn and visit him the next day.

[edit] I Want My Money Back

Get Lara and Selphy to 2FP and talk to Lara. She will tell you that she lent money to Selphy. After this event, Selphy has to work in the church to pay Lara back.

[edit] Treasure Map

In your first year on the 29th day of winter, talk to Marco. He has found a treasure map. He will send you to find more maps; outside the bath house, at Lake Poli, and near the well at your farm. Give them all to Marco and then go to Mist's house to retrieve the treasure box and give it to Marco.

[edit] Dried Fish

From the 15th of winter to the 25th of winter you can find Eric on the beach making dried fish. Talk to Eric after 9am. Give him a fish and visit him again a few days later also at 9am. That night he will be back at the beach at 9pm. Go talk to him.

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